Bayern have earned the Bundesliga title – and that's a problem


Despite the worst season for years with many problems on and off the field, no club can beat Bayern. Boredom in the Bundesliga is also the failure of other clubs to blame.

In the meantime, nine points behind and the worst first round of the last few years, Bayern did it again. For the seventh consecutive time the Munich champions – with two points ahead of BVB and twelve points on RB Leipzig.

The fact that despite all the problems related to the title in the Bundesliga was sufficient, it should be a warning signal for the entire league. The competition failed again.

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A quick glance back: at Säbener Straße, CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge fought for months, with their sometimes inspiring style of play. The change of distance from the brilliant stars of the world Ribéry and Robben has not yet been dominated. Especially the end of the Champions League knockout round made it clear that these Bayerns do not currently belong to world leaders. Coach Kovac faltered.

A few years ago it would have been a classic season for a surprise champion like the VfL Wolfsburg 2009. Who knows if the chance of beating Bayern in the next few years will be so great again?

Ajax Amsterdam as a model

Exploitation could end up not being a competitor. On the contrary: international Bayern is no longer the first with a strong second half. Borussia Dortmund was the only team that could at least temporarily annoy her. Many others have flocked since the beginning and had already surrendered after the first day. Or how can it be that the coach of the Hoffenheim Julian Nagelsmann was the only one to call the title the goal last summer?

In their defense, clubs usually say that Monaco is the economic entity of the rest of the league. Exactly – and it will be aggravated by reforms like the planned Uefa Super League dramatically. But teams like Ajax Amsterdam or approaching Eintracht Frankfurt have shown what is possible with relatively small resources if the giants weaken.

Bad management in the Bundesliga

What does it take? A clear game idea, an intelligent transfer policy and a coach who fills the idea of ​​the game with a concrete tactic – for several years. Unfortunately, these three ingredients for success are still available only in very few Bundesliga clubs. Wrong decisions have brought clubs with excellent infrastructure like Schalke, Stuttgart, Cologne or even the HSV to long-term success.

So now, when they complain about boredom in the Bundesliga, the leaders of the Bundesliga must not forget who is to blame: themselves.



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