Bayern Munich today reported the interest of the press on the departure of Hoeness before the Dortmund summit


Bayern Munich president Ullen Hoeness, who announced his intention to leave the Bavarian club in three years, dominated the German Bundesliga on Friday, hours before the clash between Borussia Dortmund and the German League Classic, scheduled for 19:30. Signal Edona Park.

The president of Bayern Munich checks the German newspapers

Uly Hoeness, president of Bayern Munich
Uly Hoeness, president of Bayern Munich

"Hoeness talks about the retreat," he said, adding that Hoeness did not think of going on for a long time in the Bavarian club for more than three years.

"We have few opportunities in Dortmund," he told the newspaper Bergerforver Zeitung.

The newspaper noted that the Bayern boss that the Bavarian team had no advantage when he faced rivals in the Classic in Germany on Saturday.

The newspaper "News-Griffinbruecher Zeitung" also refers to Hoeness's comments: "Bayern President Ohn Hoeness refers to the withdrawal within two or three years".

7-star call from Bayern Munich to Germany

7 stars of Bayern Munich in the German national team
7 stars of Bayern Munich in the German national team

Germany coach Joachim Loew has called up 24 players to face Russia and the Netherlands during the weekend international stopover.

Germany is preparing to face Russia on friendly Thursday and then meets Holland at the European Nations Cup on November 19th.

The list included seven stars of Bayern Munich: Manuel Noir, Sergey Janapi, Mats Homels, Niklas Soli, Joshua Kimic, Thomas Muller, Leon Gorenzka.

The list has arrived as follows ..

Goalkeepers: Lino, Noir, Trap

Defenders: Matthias Ginter, Jonas Hector, Mats Homles, Thilo Kurer, Antonio Rodiger, Nico Scholes, Niklas Solly, Nathan Tah

Midfielders: Julien Bernat, Julien Draxler, Sergey Janapi, Leon Goretska, Kay Havertz, Joshua Kimic, Tony Crosse, Sebastian Roddy.

The attack: Thomas Mueller, Marco Ruiz, Leroy Sani, Mark Ott, Timo Werner.

Germany are third and last in Group A of the European League with one point, France in the lead with 7 points and the Netherlands with 3 points.



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