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The 14th day is the eternal young Bavarian-French-German clash between FC Bayern and 1. FC Nuremberg. We accompany the Saturday match in the live ticker.

Bayern Munich – 1. FC Nuremberg 2: 0 (- 🙂

FC Bayern: 1 new – 13 Rafinha, 4 Süle, 17 Boateng, 27 Alaba – 18 Goretzka, 32 Kimmich – 22 Gnabry, 25 Müller, 7 Ribéry – 9 Lewandowski.

FCB Reserve Bank: 26 Ulreich, 5 Hummels, 29 Coman, 8 Javi Martinez, 35 Renato Sanches, 6 Thiago, 2 Wagner

Nuremberg: 1 Bredlow – 2 Goden, 33 Margreitter, 28 Mühl, 23 Leibold – 29 Erras, 38 Rhine – 8 Bauer, 10 Kerk – 9 Ishak, 24 Misidjan.

FCN Reserve Bank: 30 Klandt, 4 Ewerton, 14 Kubo, 27 Matheus Pereira, 31 Petrak, 7 Salli, 11 Zrelak

targets: 1: 0 Lewandowski (9th), 2: 0 Lewandowski (26th)

referee: Tobias Stieler (Hamburg)


45 ° + 1 minute: end of the first half! The Bavarians are superior in all respects. Nuremberg must urgently find something, if this should not be very clear today.

45th minute: Not long in Boateng! Kimmich's free-kick passes Sule to his central defender, who points from the right to the farthest corner. Next to it.

44th minute: Ribéry lies on the floor after a kick from Goden, his face drawn in pain. The French can continue to play.

43th minute: Nuremberg shows its longest ball action in mid-Bayern until now. After all, half a minute.

41st minute: New time on the ball: shoot a pass back. Otherwise, he spent a very quiet afternoon so far.

40th minute: The whole thing now has something intimate. The big move is out at the moment in FCB.

Lewandowski missed 3: 0

39th minute: Lewandowski! Kimmich's long ball is blocked, while the Pole is on the right again, he takes the ball 16 meters straight, missing the box but in the lower left corner only. Almost the third goal!

38th minute: The inhabitants of Monaco are treating their guests with a little breath.

37th minute: Good start of Gnabry, but the fourth Nuremberg is one too many.

36th minute: Former meetings in the stands: former Bayern Philipp Lahm, Young Elber, Daniel van Buyten and Luca Toni have appeared in today's game.

35th minute: Incidentally, Michael Köllner, the Nuremberg coach, dislocated his wrist while jogging this morning because he slipped. If Nuremberg were still to meet, he would not have to shake his hand too hard.

34th minute: Bayern remains toxic, Nuremberg does not really come out in the back.

32nd minute: The next corner of Bayern, this time the FCN is better.

31 minutes: The Bayern press. A corner does not bring anything, so Bredlow directs a sharp side Müller so just up to the external network.

30th minute: The first degree in Nuremberg! The side of Kerk blocks a Bayern player, enters Robert Bauer – and shoots artistically over ten meters.

29 minutes: Free kick for the Nürnberger – right on Bayern's penalty field.

He runs to Bayern: double by Lewandowski

26 Minute: Lewandowski! Powder, 2: 0! Goretzka zirkelt after a loss of the ball Nuremberg with a magnificent Schlenzer 18 meters to the right Kreuzeck. Bredlow flies and stretches in vain – and Lewandowski stands where he must be. The Pole pushes the ball into the empty door. 2: 0!

25 minutes: Good combination of Bayern. Ribéry and Müller make the class in the penalty area of ​​FCN, but the Frenchman is offside in the final pass.

24th minute: OK! Gnabry passes to Müller, who plays double with Gnabry in the penalty area of ​​FCN. Then the deposit at Lewandowski – but it has too much reserve! From eleven meters, the polish points on it. Unusual for shears that leaves such a possibility.

23 minutes: Nuremberg has conquered Ribéry the ball, he wants to fight. Goretzka is careful and stops changing with a foul.

22 minutes: Gnabry tries a shot from distance – next to it, kick.

21 minutes: About 80% -20% say the possession statistics, to Gusten of FCB.

20 minutes: Free football for Nuremberg in the middle of Monaco. But there is no danger against Bayern. But nothing will come from that. After all, it was practically the first time that the FCN was offended.

19 minutes: Bayern attacks Nürnberger directly, Kovac's team is very aggressive in this situation. So it stays with a maximum of one, two passes and the ball goes back to red.

18th minute: Boateng crosses the left halffield, Müller leaves, but misses the long ball for the length of a nap. Bredlow has him.

17th minute: And the next corner, again for the Bavarians. Back on the short post, Müller arrives in the fall, but Bredlow grabs.

Bayern's star Ribéry forces Bredlow from Nuremberg to a strong save

16th minute: Ribery! Counterfeit shot from the left, Mühl falsifies dangerous, and this time FCN goalkeeper Bredlow is on the spot. Strong show!

15 minutes: Nuremberg retained that it still had two passports for men.

14th minute: The corner arrives flat on the first post. Nuremberg is defended this time, but not for long. Gnabry gets the ball after a Bayern ball catch, his side sails in the Nuremberg Torau.

13 minutes: And at the next corner, this time Lewandowski comes out. Again from the left.

12 minutes: If Nuremberg is now throwing his purely defensive plan on the pile already? At the moment, they have no way of doing it, because at Bayern, the ball flows well enough, crowd the guests in their own half.

11 minutes: Yet another goal for a corner: Bayern is now strong.

Bayern encouraging.

© dpa / Matthias Balk

Robert Lewandowski at his goal for 1-0.

© MIS / Renate Feil / M.i.S.

Lewandowski brings FC Bayern into the top positions

9th minute: goal! Bayern passes Lewandowski in the lead! Kimmich takes the next corner from the left, high on the short post. Lewandowski jumps and hits the back of his head. FCN goalkeeper Bredlow does not look good, even if he comes out, but loses the air-fight against the Polish. 1: 0 Bayern!

9 minutes: The corner of Kimmich comes due to detours to Ribéry, whose shot from the second row is blocked.

8th minute: The club defends in 4-4-2. So far it works quite well. Müller still pulls out the next corner on the right side.

7th minute: Nuremberg can not yet be seen offensive. Bayern almost always have the ball: if this tactic was born for the guests?

6th minute: Gnabry pulls out the first corner for the FCB with a similar action, but does not bring anything.

5th minute: Gnabry approaches the baseline on the right, but his low cross is blocked.

5th minute: As often, this will probably be a game of patience for Bayern favored today.

4th minute: The Nürnberger enters his own half. Bayern have the ball, but at the moment they are looking for the gap in vain.

3rd minute: Gnabry commits a first offensive foul in the middle of Nuremberg. Free football FCN.

2nd minute: First offensive action: Ribéry crosses from the left in the box, Nuremberg can erase the low cross.

1 minute: the game is running! Nuremberg started.

15:29: Neuer wins the side election against Margreitter and says: "We stop".

15:28: The lawn has some holes by the way, it is not in the best conditions. An advantage for FCN?

15:27: The two teams enter the lawn.

15:22: FC Bayern is showing its charitable side: "Through the sale of the stadium seats, a total of € 200,000 was donated to Manuel Neuer Stifung and #FCBayern Hilfe e.V.", he tweeted the club.

15:21: By the way, the Nürnberger is waiting for a victory in Monaco for a total of 26 years.

15:19: The Nürnbergers all play white and are superstitious. The last victory point at Allianz Arena brought them a counter.

14:51: In fact, the Nuremberg fans wanted to distribute 5,000 woolen hats to traveling supporters today in the arena, but nothing came from the action. For this reason, Bayern has banned them. Some of the Nürnberger Gästefns look suspiciously the same:

14:38: Ironically, before the derby between FC Bayern and 1st FC Nuremberg there are problems with the S-Bahn (here goes to our ticker). Numerous fans are threatening to miss football in the arena …

14:34: And we immediately take a look at the Bayern team. Niko Kovac relies on the winning team that won 2-1 in Bremen a week ago. The double six again form Leon Goretzka and Joshua Kimmich, on the right side Serge Gnabry vortex. For Mats Hummels again only the place remains on the bench.

14.30 clock: Hello and welcome to the live ticker of the home game of FC Bayern against the 1. FC Nuremberg. The 14th kick at the start of the game began Saturday at 15.30 at Allianz Arena.

Bayern Munich v 1. FC Nuremberg in live ticker

From 15 September or four games Bayern is in the Allianz Arena without a Bundesliga victory. At that time the Reds defended their lead in the championship with a 3: 1 on Bayer Leverkusen. In the match, however, Corentin Tolisso and Rafinha were seriously injured and the Frenchman is still seriously missed after breaking his cruciate ligament.

From this success to the end of summer, all the guests took the upper hand. It all started with the bitter because so late 1-1 against FC Augsburg, then he conquered Borussia Mönchengladbach Wiesnausklang with a 3: 0 allianz Arena. In November, FC Freiburg drew 1-1 with a last-minute goal, followed by Dodi Lukebakio's great show two weeks ago – the Belgian scored all three goals for Fortuna Dusseldorf at 3: 3, the last of course in stop time,

Fortunately, one of his favorite opponents is Fröttmaning. L & # 39; 1. FC Nuremberg won only four of the last 39 comparisons with the Reds in Monaco, 30 times he retained FC Bayern ahead. So even in the last seven home games against the club, which produced a goal difference of 20: 1.

The last bankruptcy against the francs is more than 26 years old: on March 28th 1992 it was a 1: 3. The former dirigible got a certain Mazinho, before Christian Wück and Sergio Zarate changed the cards. At the 1: 2 score also failed Stefan Effenberg of Andreas Köpke.

Once again, the starting position is clear. The only success before the relegation of Nuremberg has waited seven games for the third win of the season, has already fallen three times under the wheels: to 0: 7 in Dortmund, to 0: 6 in Leipzig and to 2: 5 on the Schalke. With 30 goals the team coach Michael Köllner represents the worst defense of the championship.

Obviously, the Bundesliga matches FC Bayern Munich to the 1. FC Nuremberg live on television and live streaming, as * has explained.


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