Bayern: Niko Kovac should consider resigning


"Do you think we'll have a coaching discussion this week?"

When Uli Hoeneß put this, in his opinion rhetorical, to some journalists Saturday night on the team's bus, one almost wanted to believe that there would not really be one. After all, the president has become Niko Kovac's credible public defender, reinforcing him publicly or manifestly by keeping silence.

Shortly after, however, it was clear: Bayern has (still) a coaching argument – and it is (again) homemade! Reason: almost at the same time in Hoeneß, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge (once again) appeared spontaneously in front of the camera for not being able to promise (once again) that Kovac would also coach Bayern next season. The head of the commission pointed out that he did not care about job guarantees. Instead, he wanted to support the "tension" and was referring only to the period of permanent contract of 2021.

At least now Kovac should think about his future!

Because even Hasan Salihamidzic paid a few hours after the discussion on the bus fire. in ZDF sports studio He said you had to wait and see what happened to Kovac. But he has his support. But he couldn't talk for his bosses.

As a reminder: in all cases, the Bavarian authorities knew what to expect in the interview questions. Accordingly, they must also have known which Donnerhalls generate their answers and their statements mean for the coach: a public dismantling that will not improve his already heavy position within the team.

Kovac has challenged many obstacles in his debut season and can still get double. It deserves to be able to face the last two decisive weeks of the season with maximum support or calm. He does not deserve to be so weakened and questioned.

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It is not to be condemned that Rummenigge or even Salihamidzic are wondering if Kovac is the right man for the upheaval, the future and the highest standards in the Champions League. But he made mistakes, the team was played too rarely at a respectable level and only a few players improved. Angsthasen's soccer was also played against Liverpool on a world stage. Power football of the Klopp brand or ten Hag? Often nothing.

Kovac survived the autumn crisis, with his team the best second half of the club's history and the Dortmund knocked down. It represents values ​​that look good in front of the club and was able to bring back critical leaders. However, it does not seem to have enough credit for a long-term future in Bavaria.

Kovac should therefore think of a resignation after the cup final and to anticipate his leaders – even if this contradicts his nature as a fighter. Kovac would still hold his head high. Maybe even with the double.

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