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Bayern: transfer from offensive star refused – but there is back door

What will the FC Bayern squad look like in the future? At Ivan Perisic, a first decision has apparently been made – the purchase option is not being drawn.

  • Ivan Perisic is currently from Inter Milan to the FC Bayern Munich awarded.
  • The Croatian could be committed in summer.
  • Is there a decision pending in May? FC Bayern apparently decided not to take the purchase option.

Update from May 15th: The crucial day has come – today May 15th would have to FC Bayern Munich probably the Purchase option For Inter-loaner Ivan Perisic pull. This is 20 million euros heavy.

Like the Italian transfer expert Nicolò Schira now announced, the Bayern have decided against the purchase option.

This is a change from the table – for now. Because you would actually like to keep the Vice World Champion in Munich, but not for the 20 million euros agreed in summer 2019. Shira further explained that the contact could be kept in the coming weeks.

FC Bayern does not take option to buy from Ivan Perisic – transfer possible

So Perisic stays in the Bundesliga? Only if the transfer fee drops. Recently there was talk of 15 million euros or even less. In view of the Corona crisis, 20 million euros would definitely have been too much, considering that Leroy Sané is apparently now moving around a transfer fee of around 50 million.

Meanwhile Augsburg coach Heiko Herrlich made a curious confession. He missed his Bundesliga comeback.

Bayern: transfer still possible today? The key date is imminent

Update from May 12: The transfer planning * of FC Bayern * is currently in full swing, contracts for the coming season are being negotiated and the future of Loan players is set. One of them is the Croatian offensive man Ivan Perisic, who switched from Inter Milan to Munich on loan for five million euros. According to a report by Sky Sport Italia, the Bavarians are said to have already agreed with the Italians on the modalities of a possible firm commitment.

Until May 15th FC Bayern * should therefore make its decision about another Obligation of the Croatian beyond summer. The transfer fee, which was initially agreed upon, is therefore included 15 million euros. But is that also the final sum? Loud Sky Sport Italia Bayern could still try to push the price further.

What is becoming less and less likely, however, is to swap players with Corentin Tolisso (see update from April 27). The Frenchman’s future is still uncertain. Perisic could also appear in the Allianz Arena * next year.

But: The vice world champion could be missing in a possible DFB Cup final, but for contractual reasons.

FC Bayern: Spierchange is in the room – is Bayern pulling the purchase option?

Update from April 27: Bayern Munich is apparently close to a firm commitment from Loan player Ivan Perisic. A report by the Croatian newspaper Sportske Novosti according to Inter Milan his transfer fee for the Vice World Champion customized have, or be ready for a player exchange. Inter is in turn on Munich midfielder Corentin Tolisso * Interested.

Accordingly, the “Nerazzurri” only call for the international ten to 15 million euros instead of 20 million as before. The German record champion is currently FC Bayern* the services of the offensive player for one year cost five million euros. “In reality, we haven’t talked about the transfer fee yet. We have a purchase clause that I believe should be checked by the end of May,” said Bayern boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge a few weeks ago.

Ivan Perisic, who still bound to Inter by 2022 is convinced with five goals and eight assists in 22 competitive matches for Bayern Munich – and therefore also a prominent ex-Bayern star as an advocate *. After an ankle fracture in early February, the 31-year-old is now back on the training ground. The more defensive Frenchman Tolisso has 24 goals, three goals and five assists, but is considered a candidate after three years on the Isar. In summer 2018 he was able to win the French national team World title win.

Speaking of series A: Munich’s are said to have actually considered a Juve star. Is he Brazzo’s “international star”? Meanwhile, Bayern could also prepare for a possible Martinez departure. Did the Reds find what they were looking for in Madrid?

And how should Lukas Podolski’s activities be interpreted? Is he suddenly longing for Bayern?

FC Bayern pulls the purchase option? Loan players should be committed

April 8 update: Get the FC Bayern Munich* Ivan Perisic permanently back in the Bundesliga*? As the Sport picture (April 8th edition) reports, the FCB bosses apparently think about a permanent commitment of the loan player from Inter Milan to.

15 million euros want to pay the reds, but the Italians want the full purchase option of the offensive all-rounder 20 million euros have like that Sport picture writes. Either way, things could change at Bayern. The bosses apparently want to part with a trio. First of all, however, the question arises: What is the next step in football? The Premier League is about to be canceled.

Also because of Sané: Bayern loan players have a good chance of a permanent commitment

March 30 update: The possible new coach of FC Barcelona is also concerned about the offensive positions on the wing. Club icon Xavi Hernandez could return to Catalonia in the summer and apparently wants to bring a Bayern star.

Update from March 9: Although he’s with a Ankle fracture has been down for a month, counts Ivan Perisic apparently among the winners of the still young year at FC Bayern. Again kicker reports, the bosses of the Reds are definitely considering signing the vice world champion in the summer, after only this season borrowed from Inter Milan is. The deal negotiated with the Nerazzurri is said to be one Purchase option over 20 million euros include.

On Säbener Straße, Perisic has become Backup of injury-prone wingers Kingsley Coman and Serge Gnabry proven, in 22 appearances so far – ten of them as jokers – he contributed five goals. What is no less important: He is one of the few actors in the star ensemble who, at least externally, sits on the bench without complaint. At the beginning of the year he was in the victories at Hertha BSC (4: 0), against Schalke 04 (5: 0) and at 1. FSV Mainz 05 (3: 1) in the starting eleven and directly involved in three goals.

Perisic, who can aggressively hold any position, would be one relatively cheap alternative to the top dogs prone to injury. Coman already missed eleven games in the current season, Gnabry has to struggle with minor injuries from time to time and had to cut back to the start of the second half of the season. Loud kicker be one too Transfer from Leroy Sané still an option, but internally there are “doubts about a transfer, which among other things depend on finances becomes”. Which, in turn, may increase Perisic’s chances of a longer-term employment.

The 31-year-old will soon be able to advertise for himself again: in the days before Away game at Union Berlin he should return to team training.

FC Bayern Munich: A summer exit seems almost fixed

First report from January 24th:

Munich – It is in the hot phase of the winter transfer period. Get the FC Bayern Munich still reinforcements or are you heading into the crucial months of the season with a thin squad *? A change is now imminent.

Nicolas Kühn will probably strengthen the Munich team, the 20-year-old is said to be from Ajax Amsterdam be borrowed. However, the right winger is initially only considered for the second team. But there is another name that is currently hotly traded: Alvaro Odriozola.

Bayern Munich: what are the plans with Ivan Perisic?

The right-back from real Madrid could switch to the Isar as a loan player in January and so coach Hansi Flick* give more options. In the long term, FC Bayern has other solutions in mind: Leroy Sané and Kai Havertz for example.

Also read: Does Bayern strike at FC Barcelona? Last minute transfer is hinting

How will the face of the FC Bayern Munich* So change in summer? With Ivan Perisic and Philippe Coutinho there are currently two prominent loans on offer from the Reds. There is a purchase option for both – at least at Perisic but it seems unlikely to be pulled.

Ivan Perisic: FC Bayern loan in future in the Premier League?

So what’s next for the Croatian Vice World Champion? According to the latest rumors Perisic associated with the Premier League – more specifically with Manchester United.

As the Sun. reports, the Red Devils have long been fond of Perisic, in 2017 a million offer for the former Dortmund had already been rejected. In the summer of 2020, United could finally realize the transfer, because even at Inter you don’t have to use it for Perisic.

For the offensive all-rounder, the main thing in the second half of the season is to play in the shop window for another club. In any case, it worked out well against Hertha BSC.

Pep Guardiola could soon have a former Bayern star as an assistant coach.

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