Bayonetta Origins Raiders|5 Practical Experiences and Small Knowledge First and Must-Learn Skills Recommended

Bayonetta Origins Raiders 5 Practical Tips, Small Knowledge Priority Must-Learn Skills Recommendation|Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon, a derivative game of the “Bayonetta” series developed by Platinum Studios It has been officially launched. The following is the game strategy of “Hong Kong 01” Science and Technology Plaything Channel, providing 5 practical tips and experiences of the game, so as to pass the level faster.

1. Sweep the grass diligently

In the game, it is recommended to develop a habit of “sweeping” the grass along the road, because there will be onyx roses, Avalon crystals and various materials used to make potions in the grass, such as unicorn horns and so on. You can get the props in it by stepping in by yourself, using ZR to shoot the Chai Mao, or calling the Chai Mao with the R key to walk into or attack the grass.

Of course, players do not need to step on every grass they have seen during the entire game, because all grass will be reset after the player rests in the camp or enters any “Tirnano”. In other words, the resources in the game It is unlimited, and there is no need for too much “hamster syndrome” to be full of all resources.

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2. Prioritize the operation of Celesa

“Bayonetta Origins” is quite unique. Players need to operate the two characters of Seresa and Chai Mao at the same time, while dodging the enemy’s attack, while using Ceresa to bind the enemy and Chai Mao to attack the enemy. It is not easy to operate two characters with left analog and right analog at the same time, and it may even be confusing at the beginning.

In the early days, it was recommended that players prioritize the operation of Seresa (left Analog), and only use Chaimao to output after ensuring Ceresa’s safety; the reason is simple, even if Chaimao is defeated by the enemy, it will only turn back into a puppet. Seresa can turn back into a demon again by picking up the firewood cat to restore its magic power, but if Seresa is knocked down by the enemy, it will be Game Over. Therefore, before you are familiar with it, you can give priority to Seresa’s operation and dodge. It is not a big problem to put Chai Mao in place and let the enemy fight. It is not too late to counterattack after dodging the enemy’s offensive.

After being familiar with operating two characters at the same time, you can coquettishly bind monsters and attack at the same time.

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3. Difficulty can be changed at any time

If you really find it difficult to cope with the operation of this work, or if you just want to watch the plot and want to pass the level more easily, the game can change the difficulty at any time; what is interesting is that the difficulty can be adjusted item by item, such as damage received, enemy strength and magic power Meter bar, if you just don’t want to Game Over but still want to defeat the enemy by yourself, you can just lower the damage taken.

In addition, players can also just turn off the “Forest Signpost” function to get more involved in exploring.

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4. If there is a place where you can’t live, don’t worry, you will have to send it later

With the progress of the game (Chapter 5), the teleportation function will be opened, and you can return to any witch camp; therefore, if you see a place that is sealed and cannot be reached during the game, it may be because you have not obtained the necessary information to solve the puzzle. At this time, you should continue to advance the main line, and do not recycle until you obtain new abilities and teleportation functions.

Push the main line and it will open to teleportation

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5. Prioritize learning skills

It is recommended that you must learn Chai Mao’s skill “Bite and Kill!”, which is also an execution skill. Press and hold ZR on an enemy with low physical strength and then release it to execute the enemy. Before this skill, many enemies had to use two sets of general attacks to kill, but after having this skill, they can often be executed after one set of general attacks. It is also recommended to change the operation to “click”. After all, there are often one-to-many situations in the game, and it is better to simply execute the input.

Afterwards, it is recommended to learn “Here!”, the effect is that it can speed up the running speed when shooting Shibamao in the moving direction, which is a very convenient function. As for Celesa’s skills, it is recommended to give priority to learning “Avoid Rolling”, which is very useful when there are many enemies.

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Q: When will “Bayonetta Origins” be released?

Q: Is “Bayonetta Origins” fun?

Q: What platforms does “Bayonetta Origins” have?

A: The game is limited to Switch, and there are no plans to launch it on other platforms.

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