BBVA World displays the card of its Marketing Director

To publicize the level of security of its new unnumbered and dynamic CVV card, Aqua, the bank exhibited the card of its Marketing Director on different billboards.

To reinforce public confidence in the new cards and demonstrate the bank’s guarantees of their security, the Marketing Director of BBVA World, Jaime Bisbal, has gone further, by displaying his own card on the public highway.

The groundbreaking action follows the launch of Aqua, a rewards-based credit card that stores credit card numbers, expiration dates and CVV codes in a separate mobile app, rather than the traditional physical one. In this way, every time a customer wants to make a purchase, they must access the application and verify the card number, dynamic CVV and expiration date.

“This initiative goes beyond the launch of a card. It is a new experience for our clients. When they access the ‘app’, they will first find those services most used to facilitate management, they will have greater control of their expenses, they will be able to choose the payment method they want and have greater security in their online purchases, since the number and CVV do not appear on the cards ”, explains Gonzalo Rodríguez, Director of Business Development at BBVA in Spain.

The card of the Marketing Director of BBVA World, is exhibited on different billboards on Gran Vía 36 in Madrid, one of the busiest avenues in all of Spain.

It is worth mentioning that the card will be made of recycled plastic, thus fulfilling the objective of BBVA World to reduce environmental impact. The bank has been the first in Spain to distribute cards made with recycled plastic from different industries such as packaging, printing, automotive or windows.

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