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Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, August 16thQuestion: Be a basketball player who reads good books

Xinhua News Agency reporters Wang Jingyu and Wang Haoming

This summer, three high school players Liu Qingwen, Ouqiluo Qiaowendu and Deng Yihao from Shenzhen No. 2 Experimental School (hereinafter referred to as “Shenzhen Ershi”) were admitted to Tsinghua University and Peking University through their basketball expertise. Known by more basketball fans. In the opinion of Tian Guikun, head coach of Shenzhen Ershi men’s basketball team, such a result is the best interpretation of the team’s team training.

“Be a scholar who plays well, and a basketball player who reads well.” These two sentences are the team training of Shenzhen Ershi basketball team, and also Tian Guikun’s experience and summary of his coaching work for more than ten years.

“The development of basketball in the school must be approved by parents, and our philosophy is in line with the demands of parents. Seeing that we put children’s learning in an important position, the performance of the players does not affect the average score of the school, and the performance of the team also The better the school, the more support the team has. Later, this model was also recognized by the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Education and the Guangdong Provincial Department of Education, and the support from all parties increased. The operation of coaches and training models has gradually matured and entered a virtuous circle.” Tian Guikun said.

According to Tian Guikun, at present, the men’s and women’s basketball teams in Shenzhen Ershi Junior and Senior High School are trained every day after classes in the afternoon, and the time is between two to three hours, so the team members’ study time is fully guaranteed. Like the high-level sports teams of the school’s men’s football and shuttlecock, basketball players admitted to high school will be enrolled in ordinary classes if their scores in the high school entrance examination reach 75% of the school’s admission score. For those special students who have poor learning foundation and cannot reach 75% of the admission score, the school will be equipped with special teachers and teach in separate groups. Taking high school men’s basketball as an example, there are 6-8 enrollments each year, and about half of them will be in regular classes.

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“In the beginning, we were all placed in ordinary classes, but those students with poor learning foundation couldn’t keep up, and the effect was not good. Later, we provided special teachers for these children, focusing on basic teaching, step by step, so as to achieve a win-win situation. After 10 years of exploration, the team’s students have a good way out, and the attempts of both methods have been recognized by parents and students.” He said.

Tian Guikun told reporters that Guangdong’s basketball atmosphere is among the best in the country. Parents are willing to let their children play basketball from an early age, and there are many competitions between villages and enterprises. Many children grew up on the side of the basketball court, and their basic skills were relatively solid, and their basketball awareness improved rapidly. The basketball level of the Guangdong junior high school team is in the forefront of the country, and the player base is large, so the selection of the high school team is not a problem. At present, 90% of the players in the Shenzhen Second Real Team are from Shenzhen. In addition, several professional clubs in Guangdong have a lot of cooperation and exchanges with local middle school teams, and some of them are co-founded with local junior and senior high schools, which also promotes exchanges between middle school teams and drives the overall level of Guangdong middle school basketball. .

In such an environment, the Shenzhen Ershi men’s basketball team began to emerge about 5 years ago. The team with Zou Yang, Li Yiyang, Zhuang Zhan and others as the team won the national high school men’s basketball championship in 2016. In 2017, they On behalf of the Guangdong team, he won the championship in the middle school student group of the National Student Games. Today, Li Yiyang and Zhuang Zhan are in the CBA league, and most of the Shenzhen Ershi men’s basketball team entered domestic colleges and universities after graduation through high-level sports team enrollment, sports single strokes, etc., and many entered the “double first-class” “University, including the current Tsinghua men’s basketball player Zou Yang.

According to Tian Guikun, in addition to cultivating high-level basketball talents, the campus basketball atmosphere of Shenzhen Ershi is also very good. The school’s class league audience has three floors inside and three floors outside, which is similar to the recent hot country basketball game. The school will also take the initiative to undertake the activities of basketball stars entering the campus, and create a campus basketball atmosphere through various methods.

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In the just-concluded China High School Basketball League final, Shijiazhuang No. 2 Squadron defeated Urumqi No. 101 Middle School and became the fifth team to win the championship in the history of the tournament. In this event that represents the highest level of high school basketball in the country, the team from Guangdong has yet to stand on the top podium. However, in Tian Guikun’s view, it is only a matter of time.

“The dominance of Tsinghua Affiliated High School has been shaken. This year’s college basketball league final between Tsinghua University and Guangdong University of Technology, everyone can see that Guangdong is full of basketball talents. From the perspective of high school, the top eight teams in Guangdong are also very strong nationwide. The distance between the top four teams in Guangdong is only three to five points, and anyone can enter the national competition. Guangdong’s good basketball atmosphere and fierce competition environment will definitely forge a strong team. In the next 10 years, Guangdong’s middle school basketball will definitely be It’s getting better and better, and the Guangdong high school team will definitely win the national championship.”

Tian Guikun has been in Shenzhen Ershi for 16 years. Before serving as the head coach of the men’s basketball team, he also worked as an assistant coach for the Shenzhen Ershi women’s basketball team for 6 years. Today, he often thinks about what direction the campus men’s basketball team should develop in the future.

“The past 10 years have been the 10 years of laying the foundations. What should we do in the next 10 years? I think we should stick to both learning and basketball skills, and strive to cultivate a group of good seedlings for the country. Now, the domestic basketball professional league and college league are more and more The better you come, the higher the level is, we need to lay a solid foundation in basic skills and basic techniques and tactics in the junior and senior high schools, prepare for the children to enter university or take a career path, and strive to send talents for the national team in the future.” Tian Guikun said.

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