Be careful, people who pray like this are like arrogant people, said Sheikh Ali Jaber

PortalJember.comSyekh Ali Jaber remind not to prayer like this because it seems to show the nature proud.

Humans as weak creatures really need Allah SWT. So it would be inappropriate if humans have character proud.

Included in prayer, be careful with attitudes that can show arrogance.

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Reported from YouTube channel uploads Syekh Ali Jaber, which was uploaded on July 25, 2020, here’s what not to do when prayer.

Syekh Ali Jaber explain what a servant must feel when he is prayer and pray.

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“We are always a time of prayer and time prayer, feel that we are humiliated servants who can do nothing, who have no meaning, who have no value,” said Syekh Ali Jaber.

“Because everything is only Allah, belongs to Allah, returns to Allah,” he continued Syekh Ali Jaber.


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