Be Grand work suspended in Santa Fe after collapse


The landslide was due to the softening of the ground.


On Saturday morning there was a collapses in a housing complex located on the Mexico Toluca free highway number 5804.

It was around 06:45 hours when neighbors of the place, settled in the Contadero neighborhood of the Cuajimalpa mayor’s office, heard a rumble, so they peered out their windows and realized that a stretch of approximately 20 meters had disappeared from the parking area.

They immediately notified the emergency services, since at least two vehicles were about to fall into a vacuum.

At the site of the incident, personnel from the Secretariat of Integral Risk Management and Civil Protection (SGIRPC) were presented, which reported that the landslide was as a result of the softening of the ground, since there is moisture saturation at the back of a building on the adjoining site.

Work that is in charge of the company Be Grand 1, S.A. from C.V. and that is done in two phases.

The building has three basements, ground floor and 28 levels. One of the towers is already finished and inhabited, while the other is still under construction.

For their part, members of the General Legal and Government Directorate, Civil Protection of the Mayor’s Office and the Institute of Administrative Verification of Mexico City (INVEA) attended a review in the area and found that there were no injured people, nor housing effects.

Through a statement it was reported that the legal department of the mayor’s office reviewed the documentation and verified that the construction company has the corresponding permits, as well as the construction license that was issued by the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing (SEDUVI); however, it was determined to suspend the work to avoid greater risks.

The company in charge of this construction will have to carry out the mitigation works in the area, in which the suspension seals were placed, only access to the personnel and machinery required to avoid dangerous situations was left ”, the text reads.

In November 2015, three landslides were registered in the Vista del Campo subdivision in Santa Fe.

At the time it was reported that the drainage of a house, as well as the placement of the antenna of a telephone company may have been the causes that generated the incident.


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