Bea and Győzike Gáspár did not expect this reception after returning home from Asia Express

Bea Gáspár and Gyásike Gáspár competed in the Asia Express for weeks, but like their peers, they returned home, although they did not expect such a reception.

Bea and Victor Gáspár they competed with others in the Asia Express, where indeed man-facing challenges were faced. Since then, however, they have returned home, sharing a video of this moment on Bea’s Instagram page. It turned out that their dog didn’t even know them, they had been away for so long.

“He didn’t know us! Gáspár Győző and myself at home again! This seems like a very long time, more than a month, but we had a lot of common experiences! It was very good, of course we had bad moments, hours, days, but it will be really beautiful memory of the Asia Express “ Bea wrote.

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