Beating William? Prince Harry’s best-kept secret known only to his royal fans

All the reports that have emerged from the Prince harry they concerned his departure from the royal family. Everyone was aware of the gap in their relationship with him Prince William, to your family life with Meghan Markle and his son Archie, and his attempts to start from scratch in California, United States. However, the 36-year-old Duke of Sussex is making new headlines and not precisely because of his real life.

People magazine crowned Harry the «Real Sexiest» of the moment, passing over his own brother, 38, and other members of the European monarchy. With his red hair, clear eyes and splendid smile, the Sussex has been recognized by the readers of the magazine. Among the royals in competition were Prince Carl Phillip of Sweden, 41, Prince Felix of Luxembourg, 36, and Prince Mateen of Brunei, 29.

The new title comes a year after the youngest of the late Princess Diana’s children won the publication of “The Sexiest Father In The World,” also from People. Archie’s 19-month-old father outlasted top celebrities, including: Ryan Lochte, 36, Steven Yeun, also 36, and Ryan Reynolds, 44. It is no secret to anyone that Harry’s bearing has added many real fans.

Harry has made no mention of this recognition. He is making a living in his new home in Montecito, Santa Barbara, California, with his wife and son. The family of three moved to the United States in mid-March amid the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). They lived in a mansion in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, owned by Tyler Perry. In June they bought their house for $ 14,650,000 and finally moved in July.

Recently, a source close to him confessed that he is aware of the new investigation into the interview that Princess Diana gave to the BBC journalist, Martin Bashir, 25 years ago. “Harry receives regular updates and is aware of everything that is happening,” the source told People. “You don’t need a public statement (from Harry) to imagine how he feels in private. People know how much his mother means to him.

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