Beatrice Egli: Fringed bangs & leather look: This type change is awesome

Put the harp down, here comes the rocker bride! Actually, the blonde curly mane is the trademark of Beatrice Egli (33). But the pop singer has now probably given up on the angelic princess style. The Swiss was a guest with her band on the television station Schlager Deluxe in Munich and surprised all with a wow appearance.

We are already used to outstanding performances from Beatrice, her new style seems less familiar to us. Instead of curls, there was fringe bangs and instead of a white wall dress the black leather look. You must have seen this type change!

At the sight of Beatrice Egli’s new look, we almost feel like reaching for scissors as well. In our video above we show you her new hairstyle.

Beatrice Egli: The world was still colorful here!

Beatrice Egli’s new look is particularly surprising because the former “Germany seeks the superstar“-Winner actually always relies on a lot of color. This was already clear when she took part in the casting show in 2013! There the pretty blonde impressed not only with her powerful and melodic voice, but also with her appearances.

A few months ago, Beatrice Egli once again caused an eye-catcher on the Internet. On the occasion of her 33rd birthday, the native Swiss dressed up beautifully and – to match her music – chose a colorful flower power party look. Back then, a flower chain and a colorful flutter skirt dominated the singer’s style.

Not only her outfit exudes a good mood. In the video below we show you Beatrice Egli in a birthday mood.

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