Beautiful Małgorzata Rozenek Majdan in Mexico in a pink bikini. He is sitting on Radosław Majdan’s lap. Top figure. PHOTOS 19.06.21

Małgorzata Rozenek Majdan is on family vacation in Mexico.

However, advertising products from sponsors and friendly companies is not idle, after all, it is also a pompom job.
There are new photos on Małgorzata’s profile on Instagram, where we can admire the celebrity in an originally tailored pink bathing suit. The photos are an answer to numerous questions asked by Internet users.

After yesterday’s story, there were a lot of questions about the costume. You asked for photos on all sides. I put in all that I have reasonably ok. The costume is great! informed.

The bikini, however, did not allow you to take your eyes off the athletic figure. Fans and fans praised the star’s appearance and could not help but admire that so quickly after pregnancy she managed to regain a form that many people can envy her.


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