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Before Joe Biden At the lectern, he throws his jacket into the audience. Then he casually takes off the pilot's sunglasses. As if the 76-year-old political veteran wants to prove to his listeners that he is still far from the old iron, although he is running for the third time for the highest office in the state.

It's Saturday afternoon in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Joe Biden holds his first big election campaign speech. He was Vice President and 26 years Senator for Delaware. In April, he announced that he wanted to apply for the presidency and also completed smaller appearances. Here in Philadelphia Biden now has to prove that he can inspire people on the big stage for his campaign. The spectator stands stand close to each other. The event is well attended, although only about 6,000 people have come – far less than other candidates. Biden wants to convince the audience that he is the one who Donald Trump defeat in the coming year.

Already at the beginning of his speech Biden makes clear how he wants to oppose the unpopular president. His campaign motto is “UnitedUnder his leadership, the warring political camps are to reunite. “If the citizens of America want a president who continues to wrench us apart, with a clenched fist and a hard heart and demonizes his opponents and spreads hatred – then they need it Do not call me, “Biden shouts at the beginning of his speech,” for which they have President Donald Trump. “He himself stands for a different path.

This other way is said to be in the park of Philadelphia Museum of Art, whose stages are once New Year's Eve Stallone in the film Rocky climbed. Donald Trump won Pennsylvania two years ago with just under 44,000 votes ahead. By 2020, the industrial swinging state will once again have a major impact on the election results. Born in Pennsylvania, Joe Biden has represented the state of Delaware throughout his political career. Nevertheless, he is striking the headquarters of his campaign in Philadelphia. The focus is clear: Biden wants to be close to the voters who lost the Democrats in 2016 – older white male voters in the de-industrialized states. It is precisely this electorate that the Democrats must actually win back in order to have a chance against Trump.

Hillary Clinton also had experience

It's about voters like Ed Gavin, who's looking at Biden's snapshots under a tree next to the stage with his wife. The former IBM technician is only one year younger than Biden and pleased with his performance. “I think he's getting the voters we lost,” says Gavin. At the same time, the pensioner is also skeptical. “Narrow-minded people, for example, rejecting immigration completely, will convince anyone.” But Biden has the experience that it takes to run the presidency.

Experience is the word that many use here to explain why in the field of 24 applicants they support this candidate. From 1973 to 2009 he sat in Congress. On the stage, however, he emphasizes the successes of the common reign with Barack Obama. Biden recalls the post-2008 economic stimulus package and the health care reform of 2010, both of which have been implemented together. However, Hillary Clinton also had extensive government experience – and she lost to Trump in 2016, although he had never held a public office. So what is the difference between Clinton and Biden? “Sympathy,” says Gavin, slightly bashful.


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