Because Monaco has thought wrong in the bench elections

Last season, Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund consumed their coaches synchronously. Only rarely do the two major German football clubs look for a coach at the same time and at the moment it seems that the BVBs are doing better business.

At the moment, completely different football designs are coming out: Niko Kovac fights for an inspiring kick from an older Munich team, while Dortmund's Lucien Favre has made a new and exciting team available in many places (although now they are in Madrid lost this season for the first time).

The training plan of Dortmund is recognizable – Bayern no

At the BVB they knew immediately after the emergency solution Peter Stöger, where they want football and why Favre is the right man for this. With the exception of Stoeger, for the last ten years Dortmunders has only coached coaches representing a progressive, imaginative and above all offensive football.

This sometimes goes wrong, as in the case of Peter Bosz, or at another level, as in Thomas Tuchel – the Dortmund plan is still recognizable at any time.

Meanwhile, the Bavarians are jumping back and forth. On the conservative Ottmar Hitzfeld followed the fortified modern Jürgen Klinsmann, then coined the authoritarian style Louis van Gaal for the following years, Pep Guardiola raised Bayern later on an unprecedented level, Carlo Ancelotti came down again from there and moderated between Jupp Heynckes he successfully eliminated all that his predecessors had done.

And now Niko Kovac. This should be a little bit of everything. It is not as exhausting as Guardiola, but it is not as comfortable as Ancelotti. Uli Hoeneß saw in him a potential Heynckes. Kovac should build a jupp-aura in Monaco, if the original did not want it anymore.

Hoeneß talks about the tactics of the characters

Decisive and revealing were two sentences of Hoeneß from May, shortly after the end of last season: "We chose Niko because, like Jupp, he has the family and the human, which is more important than being able to explain what the nine or flat rum is wrong ".

Now Kovac knows what these terms mean, he works incessantly to give back to the stars the tactical way of returning to Bayern's usual offensive force. Apparently this does not apply to players.

Here is the difference for a coaching guy like Favre, from which former players tell anecdotes of horror. Favre annoys everyone with his meticulousness, let the individual sequences of the attack be practiced again and again, in the absurd. Experienced professionals feel in their first weeks as children who have to learn how to play football again.

Kovac is struggling

As soon as the first results of this torment are visible, they follow it, like Guardiola. Such stories are not passed on from Kovac. This is certainly unfair, but suggests the suspicion: the Bavarians brought him for the wrong reasons.

Presumably, Hoeneß was this time as a decision maker after the Ancelotti disaster in Rummenigge. Apparently, Hoeness thought he could stop the time with Kovac after Heynckes without many newcomers. How difficult it is, shows in these weeks.

This does not mean that Kovac is basically the wrong man in Monaco. In Frankfurt, he proved he could put a team together on the pitch, if you give him the opportunity. After only four months, it is already weakened; a position from which a coach in Monaco comes out with the utmost difficulty.

A good game and a good result in Dortmund are the prerequisites.

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