Because of an illness, this 4-year-old girl is covered with hair (video)


The other children do not want to play with her. Haroua, an Iraqi girl of only four years, suffers from a particularly extensive form of a congenital nevus, a skin disease.

This pathology, which can be degenerative, causes a part of the child's body, from the neck to the belly, to be covered with the hair.

Originally it was a desire that has grown constantly. Unlike other children, the young Haroua is refused and can not play with children of his age without being laughed, reported a report by Gross for Franceinfo published on Monday 27.

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"She's a normal child, she's like everyone else, she comes out and plays normally with her brothers, but when she leaves the house, our neighbors make fun of her."explained his older brother.

More severe than a thick layer of hair, this task could turn into melanoma: namely a skin cancer. It only means that the worst does not happen: a skin transplant and laser surgery to remove this malformation.

But the parents of young patients can not afford to take care of her in Iraq, where medical care is particularly expensive. "It takes a lot of money but we can not afford it", explained Haroua's mother who regrets that her son is "Disadvantaged" because of his illness.

A jackpot has been launched on the GoFundMe website to help the girl and fund a skin transplant. This Wednesday 29, more than 3,600 euros have been donated, but the operation requires 15,000 euros.

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