Because of Iranian diesel… Tension in the Chouf region of Lebanon

Mina Observatory – Lebanon

The Druze town of Gharifa in the Chouf region of Lebanon, the stronghold of Jumblatt’s influence, witnessed a problem among the village’s residents, after the Arab Tawhid Party headed by former minister “Wiam Wahhab” handed over a quantity of Iranian diesel to the town to operate the water station.

Lebanese media, said that unknown persons burned this quantity, which was emptied into the tank, as an expression of their rejection of the Iranian diesel sent by the “Hezbollah” militia.

According to the source, this behavior is not the first of its kind, as many refused to receive Iranian diesel or buy it and use it in exchange for its acceptance by others in some Bekaa towns and some orphanages.

In this context, supporters of the Future Movement, the Lebanese Forces and the Progressive Socialist Party rejected Iranian diesel, and condemned the violation of the Lebanese borders by Iranian tankers without any regard for the prestige of the Lebanese state. Some of them went as far as describing Mr. “Nasrallah” as the Secretary General of Diesel Gas, and that he had turned from a resistance fighter to a diesel dealer.

Commenting on the problems of Gharifa, the Media Secretariat of the Arab Tawheed Party issued a statement saying, “After a quantity of diesel was delivered to operate the water station in the town of Gharifa al-Shouf, at night a number of elements burned this quantity in the tank of the water station, without anyone present. And they filmed a propaganda video, which led to a problem that could have developed without the intervention of the town’s wise men. Therefore, it is important for the Information Secretariat to clarify the following:

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First: We categorically reject the occurrence of any problem for any reason whatsoever for the sake of diesel or for any other reason, and we thank the army, which moved with the utmost speed to encircle the forms.

Second: If the people do not want to take Iranian diesel, then we submit to the opinion of the people, and we are nothing but a mediator to secure the needs of the villages. We wished that anyone who refused the quantities of diesel would secure it in his own way, and not leave the villages without this vital substance.

Third: We wish all the people of the villages to deal with matters between them in good terms and for the occasion, for the party that distributes diesel delivers it only to those who request it and does so only according to the desire of the needy party. And for the occasion, the quantity for the town of Gharifa was free of charge because it was related to drinking water.

Fourth: For us as a party, we accept any assistance that can reach the villages from any side, provided that there are no political conditions for assistance, and this applies to Iranian diesel.”

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