Because of the corona virus, social distancing is necessary until 2022

Social distancing is the buzzword of the hour in the fight against the corona virus. The two-meter distance rule could affect our everyday life for a long time – if a vaccination is not found soon.

Researchers from the renowned U.S. University Harvard have published a study that shows that phases of social distancing will always be necessary in the U.S. by 2022. The study is based on computer models for the spread of the virus and was published in the scientific journal Science.

Corona could appear seasonally each year

The study is based on the assumption that the coronavirus – like common flu – could occur seasonally in the future, with higher infection rates in the colder months.

The researchers then write that there are always many sick people at once who push hospitals to their limits, as is currently the case in some countries. Therefore measures like the distance rule are the only way to keep the curve flat again.

Only with a vaccination would normality return to our everyday life. Professor Marc Lipsitch, co-author of the study, says: “As long as this is not the case, we have to introduce social distancing again and again in certain phases.” (sib)

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