Because of the wrong copy paste, this woman accidentally bought 84 houses

SPARKS, – Women in the City of Sparks, State of Nevada, United States of America (USA), accidentally bought 84 houses by mistake copy-paste in the document.

As a result of the officer pressing the button incorrectly, the woman, who only intended to buy one house, bought up all the dwellings in the complex plus two shared rooms, bringing the total to 86 properties.

According to media Reno Gazette Journalthis administrative error cost the woman only US$ 594,481 (Rp 8.7 billion) according to the price of a house she bought.

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“It seems that the Westminster Title (a type of notary/PPAT) from Las Vegas maycopy and paste legal description of other Toll Brothers (developer) transfers when preparing the (homebuyers) deed for record,” said Cori Burke, deputy chief resident assessor of Washoe County. New York Post on Friday (12/8/2022).

The officer immediately realized the mistake because it was of very large value, but the impact had already occurred.

“As it was very clear a mistake had been made, our assessor services division immediately contacted Westminster Title so they could correct the chain of ownership of the 86 properties that were transferred in error,” Burke continued.

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Error copy-paste such, it turns out, are reported quite frequently but rarely involve so many properties.

“This particular case is a bit more interesting because of the large numbers involved,” Burke continued.

Correcting a land sale error would be quite a headache, and would require the home buyer to return the title to Toll Brothers as developer, who would then transfer it to the new property owner through the usual means.

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