Because the unions do not support yellow jackets


The upward spiral of rising fuel prices on November 17 will not have the support of the unions.

Go there or not? For the unions, the issue of their participation in the mobilization of Saturday 17 November against the increase in fuel prices did not take place long. The movement of yellow jackets, presumably born of an online petition, has spread the word on social networks, with the creation of Facebook groups that encourage drivers to block the streets wearing a yellow jacket that day to protest against the increase prices at the pump.

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It is difficult to know in advance the extent of the mobilization, but one thing seems certain: it will happen without the support of the main trade union centers, most of whom announced that they would not join the parades and that they would not call to protest.

No "convergence of struggles"

This refusal calls into question the role of the trade unions. "It is very paradoxical, the researcher and political science unionist Dominique Andolfatto is surprised, the trade unions are generally the first to want a connection with civil society to create a great social movement, but they reject it". Supporters of the "convergence of struggles" will be disappointed.

The reasons given are multiple. At the CFDT, "we understand e supports employees who express their dissatisfaction Faced with a further increase in fuel prices, "said Philippe Portier, Deputy Secretary General in a press release. believes that the call for the November 17 blockade "is not the most appropriate response". Explained November 4 on LCI by its leader, Laurent Berger. "I will not go to protest on November 17 (…) We must continue on this logic of ecological conversion, we have no choice," he said, urging that the government makes a gesture to "accompany" this price increase, as an energy control for the most modest employees.

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At FO, it is assured that an "official press release" will be sent soon and that it is not a question of calling to protest. The union refers its members to an individual choice. He also asks the government to "push wages".

This national slogan does not prevent some local initiatives, such as the CFDT of the transport company of the city of Saint-Etienne, which presented a strike to allow drivers of buses and trams to demonstrate on 17 November. The SGP Police FO union guarantees that the police will not release a PV in support of the demonstrators.

Do not be associated with the extreme right

At the CGT, the topic is not ecological but ideological. No question of participating in a movement that is "clearly an extreme right mobilization", denounces the union of Montreuil, in a flyer of October 30th. "The mobilization is supported by the leaders of the National Assembly, Debout France and at least one British MP in Great Britain", reports the power station, followed by Solidaires. "The yellow jackets" appear as clearly hostile to taxation, said Dominique Andolfatto, and traditionally in France, everything that is hostile to tax is seen as right, even Poujadiste or extreme right. currents is a brake. "

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These problems are not just agitated for the unions. France Insoumise, whose leader, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, wants to build a "coalition of anger", is also asked. There is more, no call to move. "Any political recovery can be counterproductive, said Jean-Luc Mélenchon on October 30. But if there are our friends, we will be proud of them, even those who do not want to go".

Others, like François Ruffin, wish to "understand before judging and knowing how to combine this feeling of fiscal injustice with an ecological imperative". In contrast, the member of Seine-Saint-Denis Clémentine Autain, refuses to "parade the call of minuteand with Marine Le Pen ", as you explain in The world of 6 November.

"We need a precise slogan"

Another reason for discord is the mobilization channels. "I see the color of the people and this problem of gasoline is the last straw", says François Hommeril, head of the CFE-CGC, "but there is no demand for help." Let's mobilize this way, we have to bring everyone together. our bodies and it will be impossible since November 17. Above all, we are not used to associating with movements that escape the trade union sphere, a specific slogan and a problem directly related to our subjects, such as working time or retirement ". It is not opposed to "accompanying a movement from society", but the leader of the leaders does not remember precedents in the history of his organization.

"In a sense, this spontaneous movement, born through social networks, which is growing rapidly, discredits the unions and their traditional methods," says Dominique Andolfatto. "The latest mobilizations initiated by the organizations themselves have not been very successful, they are struggling to get together as before."


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