Because we also talk about Vox


It may seem overwhelming to devote four pages to talk about a party that received only 4,177 votes in the last elections that were presented to the Balearic Islands. But it is not, because it is necessary to explain that Vox Actua is an extreme right. The French case, with the growth of the National Reagrupation of Marine Le Pen, shows that to make sure that the extreme right does not exist does not work to stop it. And the media that we are not afraid to speak without hairs on the tongue have the responsibility to explain why Vox is part of the most extreme ideological spectrum, because there are others dedicated to bleaching -Los.

The coalition led by Jorge Campos takes off now with the good results of Andalusia. It is sold as a new game that goes against the system, but in reality it is only a brand renewed by old ideas, incarcerated and typical of the Franco regime. Campos himself is not a young and unknown leader who has gained strength through social networks or through spontaneous movement. He is the long-standing extremist for decades leading a marginal group that has been dedicated to influencing the most radical wing of the PP.

We also talk about Vox because the main danger he represents is not the small presence that, in his best dreams, could reach the Balearic Parliament. The fear of losing votes in favor of this extremist party can lead the PP to push more to the right, to try to curb a hypothetical indentation. The popular leaders of the Balearics should be able to learn from the decline of Andalusia, which has shown that this will not work: between the original and the copy, the voter always chooses the original.


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