Become a spy with Apple AirPods


Have you always had the soul to become a James Bond? Ever wanted to spy on conversations in the next room? If you have an iPhone and an Apple AirPods, please note that you can hear conversations from your loved ones by hijacking an accessibility option.

In fact, he's a surfer he just discovered he was You can hear conversations of people in another room with AirPods, the earphones developed by Apple. The Apple brand also offers people with hearing problems the opportunity to use them as hearing aids foramplify the sound detected by the smartphone in the room via the headset.

A diverted accessibility option

This accessibility option is named "Listen in real time"and it's her available from iOS 12, the latest update proposed by the brand. To activate it, nothing simpler, you just need to to come in Settings> Control Center> Customize Controls> Audition.

So you just need to Leave your smartphone in a room and, thanks to Bluetooth, the AirPods will be able to capture the conversation in the room where your phone is located.

If the trick unveiled by this user has had a great success on social networks, some point out that it was already possible to use his iPhone to play the spy apprentice. In effect, with the Dictaphone tool it was possible to record discreetly. Of course, listening can not be done live but it is not new in itself.

Magazine Forbesin the meantime, he believes it Leaving a $ 1,000 smartphone in a room may not be the best. If you think that the development of technology can be pushed to the extreme, remember what says Tim Cook of Apple: "technology is neither good nor bad, it is the uses that are made of it that define it".


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