Become the first “post-90s” champion of the Snooker British Championships, Xi’an player Zhao Xintong made history

Become the first “post-90s” champion of the Snooker British Championships, Xi’an player Zhao Xintong made history

2021-12-06 19:52:48Source: Xi’an News Network

Xi’an News Network reported that competitive sports has never lacked the story of becoming famous in World War I. This time the protagonist is Zhao Xintong, a “post-90s” snooker player from China. In the snooker British Championship final that ended in the early hours of December 6th, Beijing time, Zhao Xintong defeated Belgian player Brecher 10:5, becoming the third snooker to win the “Three Big Games” after Ding Junhui and Yan Bingtao. Chinese players.

Become the new “first brother” of domestic snooker

The British Championship is one of the oldest professional snooker competitions in the world. It is also called the “three major competitions” of snooker along with the World Championships and the Wembley Masters. Previously, only Ding Junhui and Yan Bingtao of Chinese players had aspired in the “Three Big Games”. In this British Championships, the 24-year-old Zhao Xintong has become more and more brave. He defeated Thai king Tachaia, Higgins and Hawkins, one of the “75 Three Masters”, and other players in the finals. The opponent is Brechel, known as the “Belgian Bullet”, who is also a “post-90s” player. This is the first time in the history of the British Championship that two “post-90s” players have appeared in the finals.

In the final, Zhao Xintong took a 5:3 lead in the first stage, and finally won 10:5 after the second stage. As a result, he became the first “post-90s” champion in the British Championships, writing snooker New history. For Zhao Xintong personally, this aspiration has also set a number of records. This is his first ranking championship. The world ranking has also jumped from 25th to 9th, becoming the new “first brother” of Chinese snooker. . With this victory, Zhao Xintong also won the “admission ticket” to the Masters for the first time.

Father started his business from Xi’an to Shenzhen in his early years

It is understood that Zhao Xintong’s father went to Shenzhen to start a business from Xi’an in the early 1990s. During these years, Zhao Xintong would return to Xi’an to visit the elderly at home as long as he had time. Zhao Xintong, who liked billiards since childhood, officially started his career in 2016. At that time, he was placed high hopes and regarded as the star of the future. This is not only because of his talent, but also because of his hard work. In an earlier interview, Zhao Xintong revealed his daily life when he was practicing in the UK. He got up at 8 o’clock and started training at 9 o’clock in the ball room. He basically maintained about 6 hours of training at the end of the day, and he would also conduct targeted additional training on the eve of the game. .

In recent years, Zhao Xintong, who has made rapid progress, has also received special attention from O’Sullivan, the “first snooker”. A few years ago, Zhao Xintong played against O’Sullivan in a match. Since then, the two have often texted or communicated in person. O’Sullivan will often give Zhao Xintong some playing advice and often publicly express his appreciation for the teenager. During the British Championships, O’Sullivan once again opened the “touted” mode, praised Zhao Xintong as the most talented player at the moment, and even called him “our Federer (in the field of snooker).”

Future goals hit the World Championship champion

From the perspective of play characteristics, Zhao Xintong and O’Sullivan are also quite similar, with sharp offensive, first-class accuracy and elegant style of play. This may be one of the reasons why O’Sullivan favors Zhao Xintong. However, if Zhao Xintong wants to go further in the future, he needs to make further breakthroughs in defense. Judging from the British Championships and past games, he has full offensive firepower, but there is still room for improvement in making and clearing the ball.

Speaking of winning this championship, Zhao Xintong said after the match that “dreams have been reflected in reality”, “This is a very exciting day. All the hard work is for dreams. I don’t know how to say it. I am really excited. 2016 My goal has never changed since I transferred to the profession, that is, to win the ranking championship. I had high hopes along the way, but I also fell in front of opportunities many times. This time, I stood firm.” Zhao Xintong Said, “This champion has concentrated too much. I am grateful for the training of the Taiwan Association of China, for the teachers who have guided me along the way, and for the friends and fans who have always supported me. You are my strong backing. I am 24 years old, There is still a long way to go in my career. I hope this champion will be my star and guide me to continue to move forward bravely.” In Zhao Xintong’s view, this champion will make me more confident to win more games. , To hit the World Championships and other major championships. And off the podium, his next goal is the Masters. In January next year, the 16 best snooker players in the world will compete in the Masters. At that time, Zhao Xintong’s opponent in the first round will be the “witch” Higgins that he has encountered in the British Championships. .

Yan Bin, All-Media Correspondent, Xi’an Press

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