World Becoming the Most Vicious and Feared President, Kim Jong...

Becoming the Most Vicious and Feared President, Kim Jong Un Is Known …

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Being the most vile and feared president, Kim Jong Un is known to have executed 11 musicians by whipping in front of 10,000 North Koreans

Grid.ID – The figure of the president North Korea, Kim Jong Un known as the dictator president.

Kim Jong Un known as a president who dared to take extreme steps to punish the people traitor.

Even Kim Jong Un did not hesitate to give severe punishment to his own family.

A traitor who run away from North Korea never exposed the heinous acts of Kim Jong-Un.

One of the gruesome stories he shared was about 11 musicians who were executed with anti-aircraft guns.

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He also recounts how Kim Jong-Un ordered his assistants to choose the sexy-legged girls at school to be sex slaves.

The following is the full story of the defector he told in 2017.

The defector revealed that Kim Jong-un executed 11 musicians with anti-aircraft guns and ordered his aides to select sex slaves from North Korean schools.

In addition, according to the 26-year-old woman, the third-generation North Korera dictator also has a number of luxurious hideouts that protect him from Western spies.

He said he was among 10,000 people who were forced to watch the execution of 11 musicians accused of making pornographic videos at Pyongyang’s military academy.

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