Before buying The Lord Of Rings Gollum.. you must know these things

The Lord Of Rings Gollum.. Is the game like the movie?

Gollum is one of the most important characters in the world the Lord of the Rings The Lord Of Rings, whether in movies, games, or even in novels, has had a great role in this world and has appeared many times, and it has had an important role in the games Middle-Earth: Shadow Of Mordor and Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War Which were the last two games in the world of the Lord of the Rings and helped the hero many times.

After 5 years have passed since the last part of the world of The Lord of the Rings, a new game will be presented in this world, which is The Lord Of Rings Gollum, which is an action and adventure game, and after many delays, the game will finally be released during the month of May, so days before the release of the game We will talk about some things that you should know before buying the game, so let’s go.

Lord Of Rings Gollum’s story is more based on the books than the movies

The character of Gallum has always been a side character, whether in games or films, meaning that the character has not been presented as a hero before, and this will be the first time in the history of the series, so it is natural that the story of the game is based on novels more than films, which has been confirmed, as Daedalic Studio, developer of the game, confirmed that the story of the game is a side story presented for the first time and was adapted from the books and novels of the famous writer JRR Tolkien.

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events and story the game It takes place between the events of The Hobbit and Lord Of The Rings, and its events revolve around the personality of Gollum, the metamorphosis transformed by the ring. Gollum was a dwarf at first, but while he was going on a hunting trip with one of his friends, he found that ring and killed his friend in order to obtain it to charm our hero and transform To the currently known deformity, and after his transformation into a deformity, the ring was lost from him for years.

Throughout the events of the game, Gollum will search for the missing ring that many characters in the game world seek, and those characters will try to exploit Gollum in order to obtain the ring, by torturing him to force him to reveal the location of that ring that carries a magical power that everyone seeks. Hence, Gollum’s journey to escape and search for the ring begins.


The hero of the game suffers from schizophrenia, as he carries within him two characters, Gollum and Smeagol, each of whom has its own personality, for example Gollum is the cunning and evil character, and Smeagol is the kind, benevolent character that carries within it the original metal of our hero before he turns into a monster, and throughout the events The game will have conflict and dialogues between the two characters. During our experience of the Lord Of Rings Gollum game, we found that the game at some stages gives you the choice to act as a good or evil character and choose one path from them. We do not know if this affects the events or not, but its influence will add a lot to the story of the game. In general, we will see as soon as the game is released.

Different faces of famous personalities

Lord Of The Rings Gollum will introduce many famous and beloved characters to fans of The Lord Of Rings series, all of whom Gollum will meet on his journey to recover the lost ring. For example, the giant spider Shelob will be present, as well as the wizard Gandalf, Thranduil, the Elven King, Sauron’s loyal servant Mouth of Sauron, and we may see Sauron himself in the game.

Before buying The Lord Of Rings Gollum.. you must know these things

Of course, there will be more characters from the world of Middle-earths that will appear in the game, but these are the most important ones. And since it is based on the novels of the writer JRR Tolkien and not the movies, this means that these famous characters may appear in a different form or appearance than what we are used to in the movies, which is what I meant in the title of the paragraph “with different faces”, but this does not mean that there is no similarity between the movies And this game.

Avoid direct confrontations

As we know, Gollum is a weak and small character who is not able to fight, especially fighting those savage warriors in the world of Middle Lands, but in return he is a cunning character who can deceive anyone. The game here depends on infiltration and concealment from enemies, taking advantage of the cunning of the game hero in addition to his agility and lightness in movement, so throughout the stages of the game you will rely on avoiding direct confrontations and will depend on sneaking behind hostile characters instead by using throwing stones to distract enemies and hiding between trees and more known methods to hide.

In addition to infiltration, the gameplay takes advantage of Gollum’s agility and high climbing skills by placing climbing places that can be used to hide as well and be away from the eyes of enemies.

The Lord of the Rings is not an open world game

Some may think that Lord Of Ring Gollum is an open world game, since most of the games that are being released in the current period offer open or semi-open worlds, but let me tell you that this is not true, as the Daedalic studio, the developer of the game, confirmed that it is just a linear game that offers linear stages It takes players from region to region of the Middle-earths world from Merkwood to Mordor itself and more, which means that players will visit most of the locations and places they are familiar with in the Middle-earths world.

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