Before La Scala, a quarter of an hour of applauses for Verdi's Attila – Il Fatto Quotidiano


Fifteen minutes of applause for Attila: the Verdi opera that inaugurates the Scala season is the most appreciated by the public in recent years. The twentieth-century setting of Davide Livermore convinces, but the most applauded in the hall is the president of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella: the guests clapped their hands towards the royal box for over two minutes. The head of state was welcomed by the superintendent Alexander Pereira and from the mayor Beppe Sala: "Milan loves Mattarella very well – he said commenting on the heat of the public – its presence is important and it means an approach of the institutions in Milan". In the interval, Mattarella congratulated the conductor Riccardo Chailly and with the singers: "Music and culture are the bulwark of democracy", he said, adding that theAttila he was very fond of it.

Verdi's youth drama, Attila tells a story of alliances and betrayals, of revenge and of rebirth against the background of occupied Italy: no longer by the Huns, but by an army of the last century. A success for the soprano Saioa Hernández, in the role of the valiant Odabella, in his Scaliger debut. Also appreciated Ildar Abdrazakov, in the role of the protagonist and Fabio Sartori, in those of Foresto. Enchants the scenography – mastodontica – of Giò Forma: on the stage fires, lightnings, even two real horses.

In the room, more politicians than VIPs: there are no premier and vice-premier, but there are the president of the Senate Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati, the Minister of Economy Giovanni Tria, the president of the Region Attilio Fontana, the senators for life Liliana Segre is Mario Monti. The minister of culture Alberto Bonisoli he saw the first act in the theater and the second in the San Vittore prison: "Milan is like the first in the class that should pass homework to others" he said.

Then there is the other public at the premiere of Attila, in addition to the one sitting at Piermarini: the thousands of people who followed the opera from the maxi-screens in the gallery, on television or on the radio. And who have commented everything on social media in real time, between irony, enchantment and some yawning. "Tonight earrings and gloves to see the Prima della Scala … on the sofa"

Last year more than two million viewers followed the live broadcast of the Andrea Chénier broadcast by Rai. The Teatro alla Scala, very active on social media, knows that every self-respecting event must have its official hashtag. His is #PrimaScala, in trends from before the curtain is raised. Throughout the day there have been direct pursuits and connections, especially on the Rai channels, in particular RaiNews24 that has the director Antonio Di Bella conductor of the RAI1 direct with Milly Carlucci (in shimmering satin jacket) and a managing editor, the former correspondent from Paris Fabio Cappelli, passionate about opera. And then Attila you see, but you also listen: followed live by Gaia Varon is Nicola Pedone for Radio3, with Oreste Bossini in the studio in Rome.

On the sofa there will not be the elegance of the foyer, "but you have a privileged view – as Carlucci says – Even better than the audience in the room, you can see the singers from near and behind the scenes". Lean consolation, users immediately tweet: "It is useless to make us believe that at home it will be better than in the theater".

The live television returns a perfect vision of details, expressions, impossible to have in the audience. But the cameras are a further filter, and the choice to frame one point of the scene instead of another, to make a first floor on one note rather than on another, it inevitably creates a different vision of the work.

It does not have time to begin the prelude that the digital public distorts the nose in front of thetwentieth century setting of Livermore: "Virtually for this director Attila was Hitler"Someone comments, even if there is no reference to the second world war. "The modern exhibition leaves me perplexed". Eternal diatribe between melomaniacs: period costume or contemporary costume? Some buh from the gallery right at the address of the Turin director amidst the stadium ovations and the cascade of flowers confirms the challenge.

Check out, among the posts with the photos of the scene and the domestic picture "tv tuned plus Christmas tree" also the poster of the film of Diego Abatantuono, Attila scourge of Godin fact. More than someone grasps, not without irony, comparisons with current events: "Attila is one who from the north descends to the south to reach Rome and destroy everything: practically Salvini has completed his work". And there are those who point out that the most beautiful choirs Verdi assigns them to the exiles refugees of war.

The patriotic ferments of which the text is studded, which so inflamed the audience of the Phoenix in 1846, now they are enthusiastic about the social audience, which shares the verses of the cabaletta Dear motherland, former mother and queen.

The real protagonist of the comments on the web is not on the stage, but in the royal box: the president Mattarella, accompanied by his daughter, who is greeted by the audience with long applause. Many tweets: "How much affection there was in that applause" writes a user, "I was moved"Another one answers.

The other heroine crowned by the web is Odabella, not just for the quality of soprano singing, Saioa Hernàndez, but above all for the hardening of the character.

During the break, the interviews in the foyer: there are those who take advantage of the bathroom break (and writes it) but only after hearing the comment by helium (without the Tese Stories, but with a Pikachu drawn on the cheek left by the evening of X Factor). Do not go unnoticed who, aware of the cameras, as tradition does everything for be framed and not even the unsuspecting waiter who, in the reduced Toscanini, passes behind Di Bella and Carlucci with a tray full of slices of panettone: "Someone bring two pretzels – writes a girl on Twitter – but you can eat the panettone at eight in the evening?".

Not everyone likes the work: "For now so much boredom, when the game starts? "," It's okay if you're cooking, but if I were in the audience I would shoot ". But the majority of the comments are more than positive: those who thank Rai for the excellent public service and those fascinated by the set design. On Instagram appear the stories of those who look at it from the giant screens in the gallery octagon, very crowded: "Thanks, it's as if I were there too".


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