Before the Brexit vote: Johnson threatens to withdraw his agreement


Premier Johnson expects Parliament to approve its Brexit calendar today. But just before the vote, he continues to fight for the majority – and threatens to renounce the EU's agreement altogether.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has threatened to withdraw his Brexit agreement following another delay in the House of Commons. If the deputies disagree with his program to leave the EU by October 31, "the bill will be withdrawn and we will move on to parliamentary elections," he said.

In this case, he would be targeted for new elections before Christmas, a government official told Reuters.

Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn said his Labor Party would not support Johnson's course and program. From his party it is said that the new elections would be supported only if there was enough time for the preparations and a Brexit without an agreement with the EU was off the table.

Rate the program

After the recent agreement with the EU, Johnson wants to take his country out of the European Union at the end of October. But it still does not have the necessary parliamentary approval. This had already blocked multiple plans of Johnsons' predecessor, Theresa May.

The members of the House of Commons are today after the second reading of the agreement on Brexit not only express an opinion on the legislative package, but also vote on the program proposed by Johnson.

While Johnson has a better chance of winning the survey, he could miss the majority for the time. Among other things, according to British media reports, the ten members of the DUP are considering the possibility of voting against Johnson's strict program, which wants to break through the 110-page law with numerous cross-references to further provisions in just three days.

The criticisms had previously come from Labor and the Scottish SNP. According to BBC information, even members of Johnson's conservative Tory party are considering leaving their ailing prime minister.

Pressure from Brussels

Also in Brussels the impatience is growing. The outgoing European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker has produced an evaluation that makes one think about Brexit in the European Parliament: "It was a waste of time and energy". The EU will do everything it can, according to Prime Minister Donald Tusk, to prevent Brexit without a treaty. "Brexit without agreements will never be our decision."

The Brexit representative in the European Parliament, Guy Verhofstadt, provided the conditions for the ratification of the withdrawal agreement. There are still some problems to be solved, he said in the European Parliament. For example, it is likely that EU citizens from the UK will not be deported because they did not meet the registration deadlines or need treatment.

"I want this problem solved." Furthermore, the European Parliament will accept the withdrawal agreement until the completion of the ratification process in London, said Verhofstadt. This will not happen again this week.



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