Before the Nationalrat election in Austria: Short plans blue


Before the Nationalrat election in Austria

Even before the election, it is clear that Sebastian Kurz is working on a new edition of the black-blue coalition. The analysis of a self-staging.

a man in a suit against a blue background

Lets hard drives shred and always knows nothing: Sebastian Kurz Photo: dpa

In Austria will be elected on Sunday, the 29th of September. The situation is clear and, despite various scandals, has barely changed in terms of survey technology. The ÖVP leads lonely with around 34 percent, then come the Social Democrats (about 23 percent) and the FPÖ (about 20 percent) and then the Greens (with 13 percent fit for re-entry) and the Neos (about 8 percent ). For the renegade of the Greens Peter Pilz with his list NOW, there should be no recapture with 2 percent.

So it is clear that Sebastian Kurz from the ÖVP will be the next chancellor. He is in a comfortable position to be able to choose his coalition partner, as both a re-edition of black and blue, as well as a grand coalition with the Social Democracy and new territory with a tripartite coalition with Greens and Neos would be mathematically possible. But appearances are deceiving, because short clearly work on a new edition of the ended by the Ibiza scandal Black and Blue coalition. This can be clearly seen in his campaign rhetoric. Here are six examples:

1. The Federal Government has worked very well

Sebastian Kurz points out in (almost) every one of his campaign appearances that he was very happy with the work of the last coalition. He does not say a word about the scandals and transgressions, and especially those of the FPÖ. There was, for example, the defeat of the protection of the constitution or enormous sums of money for PR activities of blue ministries. Together they have introduced the 12-hour working day, has drastically cut back the last social network, the minimum income protection and smashed the health insurance to the detriment of the workers.

2. Everyone is against me

With the unprecedented for Austria process of the deselection of a federal government and a federal chancellor by the parliament Sebastian Kurz has also very quickly found the role in this election campaign: that of the victim. Due to unpredictable adversity, he was illegally removed from his role. The subtext is: Because he opposes the established political operation. Jörg Haider has successfully used this narrative for himself: you are against him because he is for you.

3. Red-blue works against me

In particular, Sebastian Kurz has the social democracy in short supply and subject her constantly malicious attacks on him. He is afraid of a possible Red-Blue coalition. This is a coalition that has been ruled out by both the SPÖ and the FPÖ. The Social Democracy even has congressional decisions against this coalition variant. That does not stop Kurz from painting this specter on the wall. This should make the voters of social democracy insecure and demobilized. This is a classic strategy of dirty camping.

4. Silverstone

Alleged fake e-mails that connect ÖVP officials with the Ibiza scandal, as well as supposedly professionally planned hacks in the computer system of the ÖVP are just two exciters in this election campaign. In the statements, a figure appears again and again either implicitly or explicitly: Tal Silberstein. He is the great enemy of the ÖVP and she is not afraid to go to the top.

The former Advisor of the SPÖ, who was behind the Dirty Campaigning Facebook pages against the ÖVP in the last election campaign, is once again suspected of all evil. He is an “Israeli mercenary,” one of the “most expensive advisers in the world,” earning his money in dirty campaigning around the world. A connection with the Ibiza video, whose scandal is apparently not the content but its existence, Kurz noted right at the beginning of his statement by calling new elections.

This connection was now forbidden to him in court. However, the ÖVP still plays the dangerous game of anti-Semitic resentment and a vicious figure from Israel, who wants to harm the ÖVP for a lot of money.

5. I suffered

In addition to the victim role Sebastian Kurz also gives the role of the martyr. He suffered a lot in the last coalition. Above all, among the scandals that the FPÖ produced continuously outside of government cooperation, such as the Rat Poem (a high FPÖ official compared in poem form rats and humans) or overlaps to the identities. Sebastian Kurz projects these political scandals on him personally and creates a tale of suffering, which he had to endure for the benefit of the government, which has worked so well.

three election posters on top of each other

Three things from the right: Sebastian Kurz, Herbert Kickl and Jörg Haider Photo: dpa

He makes the political constitution of the FPÖ a style issue that he does not like and endures, but which has nothing to do with his coalition. Because in itself the FPÖ is a good partner, if they would behave only a little. So he demands manners instead of a different policy. With this rhetorical trick he also makes the victims of this inhumane policy invisible.

6. FPÖ and ÖVP are attacked

In the last days of the election campaign, Kurz is also working on a common sacrificial strategy for the ÖVP and the FPÖ. So he locates that especially ÖVP and FPÖ campaign posters have been damaged. This especially in the red Vienna. Implicitly he blames the SPÖ and their campaigners. In line with the media, young ÖVP election campaigners are then presented, who cover up damaged posters for the ÖVP and the FPÖ across all parties. He did not say a word about the fact that SPÖ election posters were mainly smeared anti-Semitic and were addressed with words like “Silberjud”. He also does not derive a political responsibility for the more cautious use of words that fuel anti-Semitism.

Everything has been there before

Sebastian Kurz makes a classic Haider campaign: He is the attacked, the driven by all. The united evil forces are after him and want to prevent his success. If they can not do that by legitimate means, they resort to every evil trick. They also help them from abroad and from mercenaries. But Sebastian Kurz has everything for us, so that his successful way continues.

On Sunday, Austria votes. Despite the Ibiza scandal, lost vote of no confidence and countless affairs, the polls see ex-chancellor Sebastian Kurz far ahead. Why is nothing hanging on him? We are looking for answers in the taz on the weekend of 28./29. September. In addition, after much hesitation, Germany is bringing children back from German IS members from Syria and Iraq. And: After the Thomas Cook bankruptcy – five taz editors remember their vacation packages. From Saturday at the kiosk, in the eKiosk, in the practical weekend subscription and around the clock on Facebook and Twitter,

So he stages himself as an underdog, who has nothing to do with the regular political operation. This is remarkable insofar as the ÖVP has received millions of euros from billionaires and large companies whose policies have also generously implemented the ÖVP in the short governmental period. So it is the self-staging of an elite as oppressed, and at the same time the exercise of the rebel pose. Every critical word is considered an illegitimate attack, because it is a sacrilege to criticize or hold short for anything. This kind of political-media staging did not invent the ÖVP. This is something that was and is the daily bread of the FPÖ and guarantor of its success.

The FPÖ and ÖVP not only fit well together in terms of content, but also in the way politics is understood: as a permanent staging circus for a leader who remains unquestioned and uncritical. This election campaign not only shows that Austria is getting exactly what was the basis of the political upheavals of recent months: a coalition of the Ibiza scandal parties. He also shows that a bourgeois, Christian-Democratic party uses the rhetoric and staging arsenal of the right-wing extremists.

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