Before the press conference, the motorcycle dealership had thunderstorms ahead of time?Suspected Sanyang MMBCU car price exposure – Free Electronic News Auto Channel

Sanyang is expected to be officially released this Thursday, August 18 MMBCU Mamba Running Touris a popular car model discussed by netizens recently. As the publication time gets closer, more and more news is gradually exposed.

Sanyang’s upcoming MMBCU Mamba is the most talked-about locomotive recently.

As the first car of the CU series, although it is similar in appearance to its own DRG, MMBCU takes the running route, whether it is the enlargement of the storage space under the seat cushion, or the design of the inclined plate at the foot, and the shape of the headlight. All make it have different demands from DRG.

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Existing car dealers have been the first to reveal the price of MMBCU’s pre-ordered car before the press conference. Some netizens believe that this is just the price set by the car dealer itself, not the pre-sale price of the original factory. Yang officially announced at the press conference. However, as soon as the price of the car came out, fans were even more looking forward to the price at the press conference.

When DRG was launched in October 2019, the price was 105,000 yuan. The Keyless keyless version launched in July last year is 115,000 yuan. Whether MMBCU will be cheaper than DRG will be the focus of the conference.

In addition to MMBCU, because Sanyang has also registered two other car names (Article link), indicating that at least three models of the CU series will be launched in the future, but the other two are the names of CLBCU and TDMCU, and it is currently unknown what kind of crossover models they will be.

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