Beheadings, strangulations and suicides in the "love hotels" from Japan

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When the news broke at the beginning of July that the headless body of a man had been found in a hotel de Sapporoon the Japanese island of Hokkaidoin the social networks of the Asian country the comparison of the event with the dark plot of a popular anime called School Days. In the series, the protagonist discovers the corpse of her partner and decides to decapitate it, taking the head with her everywhere. good luck charm.

The Sapporo event had the incentive of being a crime perpetrated within one of the popular “love hotels” of Japan, as the riding arenas are known where they are rented rooms by the hour. They have traditionally been associated with prostitution y al adultery. In one of the themed rooms of the hotel, the headless body of the victim appeared, a man of 62 years identified as Hitoshi Ura, who entered the accommodation accompanied by a young woman wearing a white dress and hat.

After several weeks investigating the crime, police on Monday arrested a psychiatrist from Sapporo, Osamu Tamura, 59, and his is, Runa, 29, who was the girl who checked into the hotel with the victim. Both are suspected of murdering and beheading Ura, whose autopsy revealed the cause of death to be hemorrhagic shock caused by loss of blood from wounds of a white weapon

head still Has not appeared. According to investigators, she had to be cut with the same weapon. Ura’s body was found without her cell phone or her personal belongings. They have not yet transcended motives of a murder whose new details occupy the front pages of the events pages of Japanese newspapers, which remind that It is not the first crime that occurs in love hotels – around 5,000 – that are scattered throughout the country.

Early last year, Tokyo police arrested a 37-year-old man for having strangled to an 18-year-old woman in the bathtub of the hotel room. A few months later, in Gunma prefecture, the generator of one of these complexes was stabbed by a client. In 2021, in an establishment in the capital, workers found a dead couple. Police said the woman had stabbed the man and then left. committed suicide.

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