Behind the Bruno Fernandes Goal Celebration


New star Manchester United Bruno Fernandes has its own way of celebrating his goal. Fernandes said there was a connection between the celebration and his daughter.

Fernandes inspired MU’s revival after joining from Sporting Lisbon in the January exchange. A total of 10 goals and eight assists marked Fernandes’ incision in a total of 20 appearances for the Red Devils, who have only suffered one defeat in all competitions. Manchester United also finished third in the Premier League, as well as on the verge of breakthrough into the Europa League quarterfinals.

Fernandes is often seen putting his hands in his ears after breaking into the opponent’s goal. According to him, the celebration was inspired by the cute behavior of his daughter, Matilde.

“Long story!” said the 25-year-old footballer to “In Portugal, when I was playing there and I started my second season at Sporting, my daughter was growing, right?”

“Sometimes, my wife and I, we talk to him and he starts doing like this [menutup kedua telinga dengan tangan] after he started doing this. And so, I chose this to celebrate the goals I made for him. “

“One time I needed to talk to Sky, because every time I did this celebration, it never aired, so every time when I contacted him after the game, he said – Dad didn’t do it! So I had to send photos several times, see you do it ! ” joked Fernandes.

“Now he knows every time I do it for him. At the beginning, he did not know but now he knows, every time, it is for him,” continued the Portuguese international.

Bruno Fernandes lately has a different way of celebrating his goal. Because he and his wife are waiting for the birth of their second child. Fernandes revealed, Matilde asked himself to score even more goals.

“Now my wife is pregnant and every time, my daughter asks me to score two goals, and against Brighton I score two goals, then she says to me: ‘Dad only scored two goals but now he has to score three goals – one for me, one for my brother my man when he was born, and one for mother! ” said Bruno Fernandes.

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