Behind the scenes video of the Eurovision Song Contest. Blanka with unexpected competition, an avalanche of comments

Blanka and her song “Solo”, with which she got to the final of the Eurovision Song Contest, arouse great emotions. The catchy song also appeared in Wojciech Szczęsny’s house. His wife Marina Łuczenko-Szczesny published a video “behind the scenes” of the competition, in front of the TV. On the recording, the couple’s son, Liam, performs the song masterfully. The material already has 2.5 million views, and some even surprise with its authenticity.

Marina Łuczenko-Szczesny posted a video on Tik Tok with her and Wojciech’s son. The boy rocked with Blanka’s song “Solo”

On Saturday 13 May in Liverpool will take place Eurovision 2023 final. This forced changes and compromises in sports calendars. Firstly, Premier League darts scheduled for the same date have been cancelled. “We knew the location Eurovision Song Contest may impact our planned Cazoo Premier League schedule and we have had initial discussions with M&S Bank Arena about a contingency plan,” PDC Federation President Matt Porter told the Daily Star.

Secondly, Manchester City was also confused. Pep Guardiola and the company hoped that the match against Everton will play on May 13th and thanks to this, the players will have more time to regenerate before the duel with Real Madrid w Champions League semi-final (this one is scheduled for Wednesday, May 17). However, due to the musical annual event, they are forced to play not on Saturday, but on Sunday, May 14th.

We can’t play a game on Saturday because there’s Eurovision or something like that in Liverpool Guardiola said with a slight mockery.

Of course, there are also those who do Eurovision final waiting almost with bated breath. This group seems to include Magda Linettewho posted an entry in the network with support for representing Poland Battlements.

Go Baby! Who else is watching? she wrote.

GO BEJBAWho else is watching?#ESC2023 #Eurovision #Eurovision2023

MagdaLinetteMay 11, 2023

song “Solo” also caught the ear of the Szczęsny family.

What news. The former Liverpool player will perform in the Eurovision final

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Pep Guardiola: It was a mentally demanding match. VIDEO

Marina and Wojciech Szczęśni go crazy with their son at Blanka’s “Solo”. The recording is a hit

Marina Łuczenko-Szczesny posted a video on the network, which shows what is happening in the homes of Polish and Blanka fans at Eurovision, just “behind the scenes” of the competition and in front of TV sets. He is the main character of the video singer’s son i Wojciech SzczęsnyLiam.

“I’ll sing the whole song,” the boy remarked, then masterfully tried to perform Blanka’s song. “Bjeba,” his dad would interject from time to time. Internet users liked the scene. They played it until… 2.5 million times. They also left a lot of comments.

Liam to Eurovision“, “Better than Blanka, he has his mother’s voice”, “Eurovision 2024 and the band ‘Marina and Family'”, “Liam, a man of many talents”, “He has his mother’s talent. I’m waiting for a common note”, “Liam in his world” – we read.

Szczęsny’s wife straight from the bridge about her husband. This is how Wojciech is privately

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