Belarusian Democracy Alley to be planted in Žvėrynas next week –

Next week, on Tuesday, the campaign “Belarusian Alley. The Vigil of Democracy ”, which is designed to demonstrate that Lithuanian citizens are on guard at the Belarusian Freedom Guard.

On the Neris embankment, on the other bank from the Seimas building, starting at the Žvėrynas bridge, the participants of the campaign intend to plant 16 democratic rowan seedlings (one seedling for each month of stagnation, which has already passed since the undemocratic presidential elections in Belarus in August 2020). In the spring, when the weather conditions allow, the organizers promise to plant as many rowan trees as there will be months after the unfair elections in Belarus.

The seedlings will be planted in the Alley of Democracy in Belarus by the leaders of various Lithuanian organizations and representatives of Lithuanian Belarusian organizations.

“We want to remind you that the main goal of the Belarusian people was and remains the new democratic presidential election. Until they happen, the citizens of Belarus are facing political persecution and brutal human rights violations, and the European Union is facing unpredictable and inhumane hybrid attacks, ”says Seimas member Giedrius Surplys.

Event “Belarusian Alley. The Vigil of Democracy “will take place on Tuesday, November 23, from 1:15 pm to 1:45 pm. at the Žvėrynas bridge, on the right bank of the Neris, on the other side of the Seimas. Liudas Mikalauskas will sing at the event.

The organizers are asking everyone who comes to bring and light a long-burning candle in the vigil of democracy.

Jadvyga Bieliavska (ELTA)

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