Belarus’s opposition calls for new protests on May 9

Former Minister of Culture Pavels Latuška, who is now a member of the Coordination Council set up by the opposition, has announced that he will invite Belarusians to take to the streets again on social networks on May 9, RND newspapers reported on Monday.

Belarus, like Russia, celebrates the so-called Victory Day on May 9, celebrating the victory over Nazi Germany.

Belarus has been taken over by mass protests in the aftermath of the August 9 presidential election, in which long-serving President Lukashenko was once again the winner, with hundreds of thousands of people outraged to falsify the results.

The protests were brutally suppressed by the authorities and gradually subsided by the winter.

Tens of thousands of people were detained during the protests. Hundreds of protesters were injured, but several were also killed.

Lukashenko’s rival Svyatlan Cihanouska, who the opposition believes is the real winner of the election, was forced to leave the country. Most of the other opposition leaders are also in prison or exile.

Cihanouska also announced in Rome on Saturday that new protests against the Lukashenko regime are planned.

Meanwhile, Lukashenko recently said that considering declaring a state of emergency or even a state of war.

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