Belen, Cecilia like her sister: a quarrel on vacation rekindles the crisis with Ignazio

Just like for Belen Rodriguez, also for Cecilia Rodriguez it is time for love pains. The showgirl, in fact, would be crossing a serious crisis with Ignazio Moser who, after an apparent reconciliation, would culminate in a strong quarrel during the holidays in Sardinia.

Galeotta was the second edition of Big Brother Vip for Cecilia and Ignazio. It is in the famous reality show that the two they met and fell in love. She, who did at the time steady couple with Francesco Monte, he decided to give in to Moser’s charm and to put an end, live, to the engagement with the former tronista. A story initially much criticized, but which later proved to be based on true and lasting feelings.

Cecilia and Ignazio, after the end of GF Vip, they are no longer parted, so much so that they get to talk about upcoming wedding. At least until now, since a crisis, according to what the weekly reports Chi, would start already at the end of July. Some misunderstandings would have made the younger sister of Belen and Moser go away. The two would also have decided to take a pause for reflection and spend the holidays apart.

It would have been Ignazio who, realizing that he still had a strong feeling for Rodriguez, would have decided to join her and would have convinced her to spend a few days together in Sardinia. Happy and smiling, as they proved some stories published by them, so they left for Porto Cervo. A positive sign, which made all the fans of the couple breathe a sigh of relief.

In Sardinia, however, something would have gone wrong. After the first moments of serenity, in fact, the two seem to be back at loggerheads due to a quarrel that took place after an evening at the disco. Despite being both very active on social networks, moreover, Ignazio and Cecilia have, for the moment, preferred to avoid talking about the status of their relationship, increasing the doubts of gossip fans.

In short, if Belen has definitely put the end of his marriage with Stefano De Martino, even the smallest of the Rodriguez sisters would be experiencing a particularly difficult period from a sentimental point of view. Will she be able to find a meeting point with Ignazio Moser or will she be forced to confirm the crisis in the future?


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