Belgian jihadist Abaaoud’s little brother owned Yazidi slaves in Syria, says girl

Two new Belgian jihadists who owned Yazidi slaves were identified during an investigation by Le Soir based on the testimony of a young Yazidi girl, herself a former slave, associated with the work of KUL researcher Pieter Van Ostayen and from V-Europe the Belgian association of victims of terrorism V-Europe. The daily wrote about it in its Tuesday pages. Sudpresse titles also mention the survey.

The testimony of the 22-year-old girl identifies the Belgian Younes Abaaoud (photo), kidnapped in 2014 at the age of 13 in Brussels by his older brother, Abdel Hamid, field coordinator of the Paris attacks. Abaaoud junior had several Yazidi slaves, according to this testimony. Younes Abaaoud would have died in Syria, according to information never supported by evidence.

The other Belgian identified, formally recognized on a photo, is Abu Talha al-Belgiki, alias Yassine Cheikhi, a Brussels resident close to Abdel Hamid Abaaoud. Sheikhi waged the entire war in the ranks of Daesh. He was arrested by the Syrian Democratic Forces after the Battle of Baghouz in March 2019, and has been in the shadows ever since in a prison in northeastern Syria. His alleged slave was a minor at the time of the facts.

To date, six cases have been opened to the federal prosecution concerning the involvement of Belgians in the slavery of Yezidis in Iraq and Syria, confirmed the federal prosecution at the end of October in Belga.

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