Belgium: Death of a Slovak at the Charleroi airport. Scandalous recording

Józef Chovanec, who comes from Slovakia, was detained at Charleroi Airport in February 2018 near Brusselsafter he refused to present the ticket and his behavior was judged inappropriate. Placed in an airport cell after a few hours in confinement, it began hitting the head against the wall, causing the head to bleed.

The video, released on Thursday, shows federal aviation police officers entering the cell and forcing Chovanec to lie on the bed, restricting the man’s movements. One of the officers is sitting on the Slovak for a long time. During this time – as you can see in the recording – one of the policewomen raises her hand in a Nazi salute and puts two staves under her nose in a gesture that resembles the characteristic mustache of Adolf Hitler.

The 38-year-old man who was treated died a few days later from cardiac arrest.

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