Belgium expels imam from country’s largest mosque due to serious threat to national security | Abroad

The Flemish broadcaster VRT revealed this on Thursday. State Secretary Sammy Mahdi (Migration) already withdrew the residence permit of the imam of the largest mosque in Belgium in October. He has now been banned from Belgium for ten years. Toujgani will appeal the decision.

“In the past, there have been too many hate preachers who have been given the space to spread and defend their ideas,” Mahdi told the VRT. “Toujgani was perhaps one of the most influential among them. We want to send out a signal with this. Anyone who sows hatred, divides our society and poses a threat to our security is not welcome in our country. Not today, and not in the years to come.”

The authorities have not disclosed exactly what Toujgani has done. Sources report to the VRT that there is a link with espionage.

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