Belgium: Their two daughters die because of their cannabis plantation

PostedMay 14, 2022, 8:09 p.m.

At the beginning of April, two young girls were killed in the fire of their house, in Hainaut. The cannabis culture of the parents would be at the origin of the drama.

On the morning of April 2, a fire broke out in a house in Bizet, a small village in Hainaut, in which a family of five lived. Two young girls, aged 12 and 10, who were in the attic at the time of the tragedy, had not survived, the other members of the family having managed to get out of the blaze.

“Their father tried three times to enter the room to save his two children,” said the alderman of the town. Both bodies were found in the rubble by firefighters.

Makeshift facility

After the tragedy, an investigation was opened on the parents of the two victims. It now appears that the fire started in the attic of the house, where the couple were growing cannabis with makeshift equipment, reports Sudinfo. The fire is believed to have started from an electrical fault. The parents would have “took advantage that the neighboring house is under construction to tamper with the meter and thus connect the current to the installation”.

“These are people with whom we only had problems. They were known to the police, social services… The children had to see all the colors”, explained a neighbor to our colleagues. The parents of the two girls remain free while the investigation is still in progress and will soon be heard.


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