Believe in the Lord and be saved VS believe in science!Ai Rongjian refuses to inject Michael Jordan and calls on players to abide by the rules

Ai Rongjian refused the injection, Michael Jordan called on the players to behave.

The NBA is about to start, and every state in the United States, including New York and San Francisco, has stipulated that players must be vaccinated before they can play at home games. However, there are still players who are reluctant to get shots, and this season may not be the Nets. , So that “Boshen” Michael Jordan must publicly express his position, calling on players to abide by the rules and “believe in science” to vaccinate.

Only about a week before the start of the NBA regular season, the Warriors, New Yorkers and Nets are currently due to local government regulations, players must be vaccinated to play at home. Warriors forward Wiggins applied for an exemption from the league on religious grounds, but it was rejected, and he was only willing to get an injection. However, Ai Rong of the Nets still “stands hard” and emphasizes “believe in the Lord and be saved,” he wrote on twitter a few days ago “The Lord is already protecting me and my people. He is with us.” Ai Rong is not afraid to miss at least 43 regular season games and lose at least US$17 million (about HK$132 million) in salary.


Ai Rong still insists on “believe in the Lord and be saved.”

Although the Nets coach Nashu has said that Ai Rong can still make an away appearance, but the Nets general manager Sean Marks has stated that he will not be able to play and train for the team. The Nets also issued a statement not accepting “part-time” players: “We respect his right to personal choice, but now this choice limits his ability as a full-time player. We will not accept that any player can only participate part-time.”

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Ai Rong’s “vaccine storm” is getting worse. Michael Jordan, “Boshen”, had a clear stand during the interview and openly stood on the side of the alliance: “Everyone is discussing vaccination. You know, I believe in science, and it’s very I insist on believing, so I hope everyone can also abide by the rules of the alliance. Everyone buys the bill, and everyone will be healthy.” Because of the epidemic, MJ had donated US$10 million to open two clinics in his hometown earlier. Starting “Zhai Lecture” and putting it into action has greater influence.


“Boshen” hopes that everyone can also abide by the rules of the alliance.

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