Believe it or not, Skull and Bones will be released later than Ubisoft indicated

Will be released in the second half of the year – at the earliest.

Some things in this world are constant. The sun rises in the east, water is wet and Skull and Bones is not fully developed.

The most recent delay came in January of this year, after which Ubisoft said the game will be released “early” fiscal year 2023-2024 (started April 1 this year). However, during a recent budget meeting, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemont clarified that it will not launch this quarter, writes PC Gamer. So Skull and Bones will therefore definitely be released on July 1 at the earliest.

How far “early” extends is a matter of interpretation, but we can probably agree that it does not apply very far into the second half of the year. But since the game does not have a release date, formally speaking there is no question of a delay (yet). Incidentally, Ubisoft’s fiscal year extends to March 31, 2024, so the game must be released before then in any case.

Subject to possible delays.

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2023-05-17 12:15:00

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