Belqis video spontaneously ignites social networking sites!

Yemeni artist contactBilqisMarketing for the music video for her new song “patient​” Which she released in the Moroccan dialect, and photographed in a remote village in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco.
Belqis published a spontaneous video clip of her, in which she appeared as she danced in the Moroccan way and with a clear humor to the melodies of her song, within the scenes of filming the video clip, as she was wearing a traditional dress and was very good at reincarnation.
Belqis commented on the video, celebrating the song, which still occupies the trend, which has reached the 5 million listeners on her YouTube channel, and said: “Sayra’s clip is still at the top of the Moroccan trend.
The audience interacted greatly with Belqis’ video and expressed their admiration for the song.

Belqis in a spontaneous video clip from the back of the donkey .. and the audience interacts!

The Yemeni artist, Belqis Fathi, published a funny video clip of her on the social networking site, in which she appeared trying to ride on the back of a donkey, as part of the scenes of filming her new video clip “Sabra” in the Moroccan dialect.
Bilqis appeared in one of the villages of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco and was trying to ride him with some fear amid the attempts of those around her to reassure her.
Belqis said in her comment on the video: “The video of the two million Dial from the scenes of Sabera’s clip … is a fiery fire, on the occasion of the clip that exceeded two million views, while it is currently approaching 3 million views in less than 4 days since its release.”

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Belqis leads the trend and publishes a video that shocks the followers, and this is how she looked!

Singer Balqis succeeded in causing a sensation on social media, after releasing her new song “Sabra”, with her acting performance and traditional clothes, and the atmosphere in which she conveyed the difficult life of a rural girl.
Balqis published a short video clip on the social networking site, in which she appeared singing a short clip of her new song, which topped the trend, wearing village clothes known as “Bedouin clothes”, in light colors, with the famous hairstyle that is decorated with braids, and a head covering that reveals its front.
In the video clip, Belqis embodies the character of one of the daughters of the villages of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, and in her song, she addresses the illiteracy crisis.


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