Ben Yedder is going to wreak havoc in FIFA 21 and the player knows it

Wissam Ben Yedder, French striker for AS Monaco, is a player well known to football fans around the world, but especially by those who play FIFA as their special cards have wreaked havoc in the latest installments from the popular saga of sports simulators.

Since his time at Sevilla and especially last year at Monaco, the fact of being a fast, agile forward with five stars with a bad leg made him a very easy card to fit into the goal, something that is enhanced by his good nationality and league, since in Ligue 1 he has a multitude of green links with other French players to put him in any team.

This year he has seen his base card progress even more – it goes from 82 to 84 – and maintains all the characteristics that made him succeed in FIFA 20. But the thing might not stop there and his first special card could come with the first TOTW thanks to the double he scored in his team’s long-suffering victory against RC Strasbourg Alsace.

It was not the first goal of the season, since he already scored a week ago against Rennes, but It has not gone unnoticed by the community that his first double has come just in time for the first TOTW. And this was pointed out by FUTWIZ, one of the reference pages for FIFA Ultimate Team players.

The surprising thing about the case was that Ben Yedder saw the mention and joked that he was waiting for the TOTW to come out to start making merits. “You can start saving,” he laughed knowing how highly valued his letter is probably in the new edition of FIFA Ultimate Team.

FIFA 21 will not see the light until next October 9, but this same Wednesday, September 30, the Web App will be released and that same afternoon the first Team of the Week should be released of the game, one of the most anticipated because even without special players each card can have a major impact.

And the truth is that It is going to be a very outstanding TOTW, as there are many players who have produced great performances throughout the weekend and that, due to the statistics of their cards, can be interesting additions to the game.


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