Bendodo’s complaint against Amparo Rubiales for calling him is filed "Nazi Jew"

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The judge who was investigating the former socialist leader Amparo Rubiales for a hate crime after describing the general coordinator of the PP, Elías Bendodo, as a “Nazi Jew”, he has filed the case after considering, among other reasons, that politicians should tolerate more lax limits on criticism for their public projection.

The magistrate also points out that, in the expression used by the former president of the PSOE of Seville, there is no intention to encourage a risk situation for the offended party. «The existence of this incitement to hatred or violence is not appreciated nor, consequently, the presence of a real risk“, even in the context of a potential danger, for the protected legal assets,” adds the judge Miguel Ángel Gálvez Jiménez.

The Popular Party filed a complaint against Amparo Rubiales on June 8, five days after he made an allusion to Elías Bendodo on his Twitter account, stating that his was “the speech of a Nazi Jew”. Previously, Bendodo had called “cheating” to Pedro Sánchez for calling the general elections on July 23.

Those words from Rubiales aroused great rejection from both PP leaders and among the socialists themselves, who considered the words of what was at that time unacceptable. president of the PSOE of Seville. «The leadership of the PSOE of Seville completely disassociates itself from the statements that the socialist Amparo Rubiales has made in her personal capacity on her social networks. The party leadership considers these statements absolutely rejectable and has requested a rectification to Amparo Rubiales,” he said in a statement.

Faced with the organized commotion, Rubiales herself made a feint of rectification that, in reality, insisted on the offense, removing the “Jew” but insisting on the “Nazi.” On June 23, Elías Bendodo himself appeared as a private prosecutor in the case.

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