Benedetta and Stefano surprise, coded message and new beginning


Stephen and blessed holiday togetherStefano Sala and Benedetta Mazza today: did love really blossom?

But Benedetta Mazza and Stefano Sala are together or not? They have no intention of naming their relationship. You like – al Gf Vip We have largely confirmed this – and spend a lot of time together. Whenever they can find a hole in their day (after the Big Brother work is multiplied!), spend pleasant days. But they always prefer to keep the maximum privacy … even if there is someone who launches so many gossip on them! Who is this "someone"? Giulia Salemi, who has always been rooting for the two boys and their love already in the Casa del Gf Vip. But can we really talk about love?

Benedetta and Stefano gossip, coded messages and the desire for love

After the episode of Afternoon 5 during which Stefano confessed that he had left Dasha, Benedetta Mazza returned to posting messages in code (they are not new) that speak of love and the beauty of life: "Looking at something is very different from seeing it. You do not see anything until you see its beauty. Love you to the moon and back ". And Stefano looks at her or sees her? Can he understand that his heart is beating only for him? We hope that sooner or later they find the courage to say that they love madness! Giulia Salemi would be happy, no, no … very happy!

The future of Stefano and Benedetta, Giulia Salemi has foreseen everything?

About the Salemi: she was the one who made unpublished videos of the night spent by Stefano Sala and Benedetta Mazza. When she's around, they can not hide. Francesco Monte instead it is less gossipparo and prefers to publish photos with his friend Stefano, as the last inserted between his stories of Instagram. In addition to having met again Benedetta and Stefano del Gf Vip, Francesco and Giulia have also made another wonderful meeting!



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