Benefits of Salmon for Heart Health – The heart is one of the important organs that must always be kept healthy because there are so many types of heart disease that will attack us.

Eating healthy foods alone is not enough to help maintain a healthy heart because the heart needs certain nutrients to work optimally.

Salmon is said to be one type of fish that is very good for heart health. How come? Here’s the explanation.

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Fish is one of the menus that should not be missed because there are various types of dishes that can be made with fish-based ingredients.

It turns out that besides being delicious, fish is also a good source of vitamins and minerals for body health.

One type of fish that must be included in the menu list is oily fish or the meat contains high levels of oil.

According to the NHS, oily fish contains high amounts of omega-3s and is very beneficial for heart health.

Salmon is also categorized as an oily fish that is very rich in omega-3, vitamin B12, and other important nutrients.

Not only that, according to Safe Beat America, Salmon also contains antioxidants which will be useful for the health of the body as a whole.

Safe Beat Americans also explain that salmon also provides benefits for skin and hair health because of the nutrients it contains.

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Omega-3 function for heart health

According to Harvard Medical Schoolomega-3 fatty acids owned by fish contain DHA and EPA which are useful for preventing blood clots, balancing heart rhythm, and improving blood pressure.

Mayo Clinic also added that omega-3 fatty acids can also reduce inflammation in the body.

Inflammation in the body will cause damage to blood vessels that will lead to heart disease and stroke.

Not only that, Mayo Clinic also explained that omega-3 can also reduce triglycerides which are useful for lowering cholesterol levels in the body.

A person who eats salmon several times a week is less likely to have a heart attack or is more likely to die of heart disease than people who don’t eat it.

Whereas Mayo Clinic recommend consuming fish, especially salmon, at least twice a week

To be able to get the benefits of salmon, including it in the weekly menu is highly recommended.

However, there are some notes that need to be considered so that the salmon consumed is not harmful to health.

According to Mayo Clinicadults are recommended to consume at least 200 grams of salmon per week.

However, pregnant women are not advised to eat salmon more than 340 grams per week and children are also advised to eat salmon no more than 2 times per week.

How to cook salmon also needs to be considered so that the nutrients contained in it are maintained.

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