Bentley Continental GT gold tire discovered at the tire service in Voronezh


In the capital of the Black Earth region, amateur photographers once again find premium cars in unexpected places. Following the Rolls-Royce Phantom for 55 million rubles, about a Voronezh tire along the Heroes Sibiryakov road, a Bentley Continental GT of gold was discovered.

The cost of the British "luxury" coupe is about $ 380,000 (25 million rubles at the current rate). Surprisingly, the million-dollar machine is on a par with "the real junkie", as local residents describe the photo. "This is the entire Voronezh. Next to the gold car for 25 million is worth car rubbish.This picture, nothing new", has reasonably noted the citizen of Voronezh.

The Bentley Continental GT is a 4-seater premium 2-door coupe, produced by the British company Bentley Motors. Put into motion, the "luxury" car is brought to the 6-liter W-shaped power unit on 12 cylinders, developing the power to 575 "horses". Consumption in such a expensive car corresponds – 26.5 liters of gasoline per 100 km of travel in the combined cycle. At the 100 km / h level the coupe accelerates in 4.8 seconds.




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