Berlin: Crowds in front of Remmo-Villa – police threaten to disband

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Police threaten to break up clan funeral service with more than a hundred people

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Clan boss Issa Remmo’s mother dies

Clan boss Issa Remmo’s mother passed away. The police are on site with a large contingent. The officials fear a rush of grieving family members.

The mother of a clan chief died in a hospital in Berlin on Thursday night. In the afternoon, more than 100 people meet in the south of the city – apparently to mourn. The police are facing an uncomfortable major operation.

PLarge-scale police operation in Berlin-Buckow: Despite the ban, according to WELT information, more than 100 people are currently on the property of an officially confiscated villa of the large Arab family Remmo. The mother of clan chief Issa Remmo had died on Thursday night.

The police have repeatedly asked those present to dissolve the gathering in the past few hours. According to WELT information, the operation has been running since around 1 p.m. Force internally criticized that the dissolution of the funeral service had not been carried out faster and more consistently. With increasing darkness, the danger for the police officers deployed would increase.

As a final consequence, the police apparently want to end the meeting. Berlin police spokesman Thilo Cablitz said to WELT: “Of course we have respect for the grief of relatives who have lost a loved one. But in times of a pandemic, we also have to make sure that people are not infected and are thus exposed to fatal danger. ”

The police were also deployed in front of the hospital in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district, where the woman died, early Thursday morning. According to the police, around 50 relatives were in front of the clinic in the morning. According to WELT information, the body was removed shortly before seven o’clock.

Already after the woman was admitted on Tuesday night, the presence of numerous people in front of the clinic triggered a police operation. Up to 60 people gathered in a short time in front of the hospital, so employees called the police. However, the mood was not particularly tense, the police only paid attention to compliance with the distance rules.

Night chases

The same night, police in Berlin-Neukölln chased between the police and fleeing clan members. The latter were seen by witnesses at the patient’s place of residence and were then apparently on their way to the hospital. First the driver of a Porsche raced through a speed control, ran over two red lights and was able to shake the police off.

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A few minutes later, an 18-year-old driver of a VW also tried to escape police control by accelerating, forcing the police officer to jump away, and racing away. The policeman was slightly injured on the hand. This time, the officers were able to stop the car a few kilometers away, near the hospital. The police secured a knife in the vehicle.

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In front of Berlin hospitals there had sometimes been angry relatives of patients and also riots. After a criminal was gunned down on Tempelhofer Feld in September 2018, dozens of excited men from Arab-born families gathered in front of a hospital, so that the police had to approach with a large squad.


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