News Berlin: S-Bahn derailed - line closure until Monday

Berlin: S-Bahn derailed – line closure until Monday



Derailed S-Bahn: line closure until Monday

After the derailment of an S-Bahn in Lichtenberg, the section of the route remains closed for repair work over the weekend.

04/17/2020, 09:16

Berlin. After the derailment of an S-Bahn at Berlin-Lichtenberg station, the section of the route remains closed. Damage to the switch and the power rails would have to be repaired so that the route could be put into regular operation again on Monday, said the spokesman for the S-Bahn Berlin on Friday. The restrictions affect a message from the S-Bahn Berlin S5, S75 and S7.

S-Bahn derailed in Lichtenberg: An overview of the restrictions

  • Trains of the S5 S-Bahn line only run between Mahlsdorf and Wuhletal and between Ostbahnhof and Westkreuz
  • Passengers are therefore asked to switch to the U5 underground line to bypass the route
  • There is replacement bus traffic between Wuhletal and Biesdorf
  • The S75 line runs only every 20 minutes between Wartenberg and Lichtenberg
  • A 10-minute interval between Ostkreuz and Potsdam can be offered on line S7

An overview of all schedule changes after the accident in Lichtenberg can also be found on the Berlin S-Bahn website.

Derailed S-Bahn in Lichtenberg: conductor rail bores through window

In the accident on Wednesday evening, all 15 passengers were unharmed, according to the train. The last wagon on the S75 train had jumped off the rails when it left Lichtenberg station and tipped sideways. A track ran through the floor of the passenger compartment and the window of the empty rear cab of the last car.

The federal police recovered the train on Thursday and continues to investigate in all directions. An accident is not excluded, but also on the suspicion of dangerous interference in rail traffic, a spokesman said on Friday.

Derailed S-Bahn ensures full trains of the U5

The failure of the S-Bahn on the U5 underground line caused significantly fuller trains. A situation that should actually be avoided in Corona times, for example by a higher clock. However, BVG could not offer that on Thursday. The trains only ran every ten minutes.

The reason is a switch failure in the subway, which has an influence on a signal, said BVG spokesman Jannes Schwentu. “We can therefore only drive slowly at one point, which has an impact on the clock.” A five-minute cycle is therefore technically not possible.

In the past few days, BVG had been able to offer a five-minute cycle on the U5 rush hour thanks to additional trains. “It is really a very unfortunate coincidence, but unfortunately there is no other way,” said Schwentu.

Current reports from the police and fire brigade in Berlin can be found on our blue light blog



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